Best Online Quiz Tools for Classrooms

Best Online Quiz Tools for Classrooms

 As a school-girl, I remember how my History teacher used to ask questions in the class whenever she completed explaining a chapter to the students. We used to raise our hands. And, the teacher would choose any student randomly, and ask her to answer the question. I loved my History sessions mainly due to this ‘question-answer’ activity and looked forward to meeting my History teacher!

Gradually, as I grew up, I discovered that teaching tactics underwent modifications.

Besides asking questions, my teacher also liked to organize quiz contests inside the classroom. She would divide the class into teams. Next, she would ask questions to each of the different teams. The team that failed to answer the question appropriately would not gain any points while the one that answered the maximum questions accurately was declared the winners.

Be it classroom quizzes or question-answer sessions, such learning activities are fantastic ways to generate student feedback.

Teachers become aware of the progress of students and also their knowledge gaps, once they ask questions to the students. Some teachers also assign questions to students as homework, in order to assess their knowledge and understanding of a particular academic topic.

However, the teaching strategies employed in learning environments are undergoing alterations with the advent of technology.

In other words, teachers have been resorting to online tools for conducting quizzes inside learning zones. The availability of various websites and apps has facilitated learning processes in more ways than one. Moreover, the best thing about these online resources is that: they are user-friendly. Also, a majority of these tools are free. Therefore, you can utilize them as much as you want with an aim to motivate your students to study harder.

Read on to learn about some of the best online quiz tools for classrooms in the following paragraphs:

#1. Quizlet

If you are eager to introduce quizzes in your classroom, I would suggest you try the online tool known as ‘Quizlet’.

It is quite easy to use this tool that contains interesting flashcards. In addition, you can enjoy access to a large number of quizzes that have been made by other users of Quizlet. The tool is widely popular among the students of grade school to those studying in graduate schools. Also, students of vocational educational courses and language courses love employing this resource for learning their lessons.

You can also explore the interactive word games that are available here, absolutely for free.

You need not register to be a part of these exciting word games, dear teachers. In most of these games, users are required to match words with their definitions. The quizzes present on this platform go a long way towards making education more engaging for students.

Spanish students use Quizlet to learn verbs and medical students use it to learn anatomy.



#2. Yacapaca

This online quiz tool is a curriculum-based standard system of quiz that focuses on a wide variety of subjects. You can get ideas about different kinds of questions on the following subjects:

  • English & Media
  • Citizenship & PSHE
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Business & Economics
  • Vocational Subjects
  • Performing Arts
  • Design & Technology
  • Religion
  • Math
  • History
  • ICT & Computing
  • Geography
  • Science

The questions are all multiple-choice ones and ‘Yacapaca’ is an excellent formative assessment tool. You can set revision assignments for your students based on the questions from this resource. Furthermore, you can grade assignments with the help of this tool.

It is perfect for flipped classrooms, revision assignments and designing lessons for young school students.

Did you know that the quizzes here are all timed, in order to enable students to complete their tasks within a set deadline? Teachers can use it to create academic courses as well. All you are required to do is create a free account in Yacapaca and ask your students to sign up for it. Your students can choose the ‘I’m A Student’ option and log into this website.



#3. Quia

Quite similar to the tool Yacapaca, ‘Quia’ is another intelligent online quiz tool that is utilized by several teachers from all across the world.

You can make your students sign up for this resource with a view to exposing them to numerous quizzes based on a large number of subjects that include the following:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Business Law
  • Information Technology
  • Astronomy
  • Art
  • Earth Science
  • History
  • Design Technology
  • Math
  • Life Science
  • Dance
  • Martial Arts
  • Literature
  • Sociology
  • Reading
  • Nursing

Apart from these subjects, you can expand your knowledge in many other languages and a vast number of other subjects too if you employ this tool. You can easily assign tasks to your students thanks to this wonderful online quiz tool. Alongside the quizzes, you can also browse through the many games that are offered here. They would assist you in creating lesson plans and homework assignments for your students.Quia


#4. Google Forms

If you wish to create a list of a number of questions, you need to turn to ‘Google Forms’. It helps you create self-grading quizzes if you are able to add the proper ‘if statements’ in the Google spreadsheets.

Not only that.

It also collects usernames automatically and sends information to a spreadsheet depending on your requirements. In addition, this online tool also makes it possible for you to graph the results of the quiz. Public templates with quizzes are available in this tool that you can modify and use for your students. For instance, you can easily add your own questions to the quiz template that you can later use for giving assignments to your students.

You can either embed the quiz in your Google site, or even send the quiz to your students through e-mails.

If you wish to know whether your students have understood a particular topic, you can even create a questionnaire or a survey. And let me tell you, you need not have knowledge of ‘coding’ in order to prepare any kind of questionnaire in Google Forms.Google-Forms


#5. Quiz Me Online

‘Quiz Me Online’ is a powerful online resource that lets you create online quizzes.

The best part about this tool is that you would be capable of making your quizzes public or private, as per your requirements. Also, you can make your quiz available to a particular group – or you might also choose to share your quiz with all your students. Just like Quizlet, you would also be able to design flashcards for every quiz that you create.

Moreover, the tool would help you set a timer for every quiz.

And, you can also make study guides for your students with Quiz Me Online. Such guides would make lessons much more interactive for your students thereby helping them learn faster. It would give an idea to students about how they need to go about studying their lessons to increase their chances of academic success.Some of the numerous quiz topics that you would come across here are:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Life Science
  • Anatomy
  • Geography
  • Earth Science
  • Health Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Psychology



#6. QuizStar

A classroom consists of different kinds of learners.

While certain students (known as ‘visual learners’) learn well by watching flashcards, graphics, pictures and other kinds of visual illustrations, there might be others who are auditory learners. The second category of students can master lessons if they are enriched with audio files and lectures.

You can customize your lessons for every kind of student if you are using the online quiz tool referred to as ‘QuizStar’.

This is because you can add multimedia files to every question in the quiz you prepare, with the aid of QuizStar. You can also make quizzes in different languages. This would benefit students quite a lot. Your students would also be able to view the quiz made by you and complete it.

Let me tell you about yet another interesting feature of this online resource.

It helps you to create different types of quizzes. So, you can easily edit your quiz for different classes. And, since there are various types of students in your classroom, you can also use this tool to create quizzes for the purpose of differentiated instruction!



#7. ProProfs

How about a quiz tool that not only helps you create quizzes but also helps you grade them? I bet you are curious to know more about it!

Well, you can design your very own quiz contest if you utilize this useful online quiz resource. There is a free version available as well as a branded version of this tool. It also lets you create tests for your students. And, you can add images and videos to the questions that you create. This is a unique feature that you can hardly find in any of the other online quiz tools.

You can also add your own logo and colors to your quiz, dear teachers.

Once you have made your quiz, you can share it via the social networking sites. You can also embed the quiz on your website or post it in different blogs. This tool would permit you to grade your quizzes through quiz stats and reports.

Next, you can download the results of the quiz and show them to your students.ProProfs


#8. Socrative

Nowadays, you would find innumerable students engaged with their favorite electronic devices. They chat with their online friends and share updates about their lives with the aid of their tablets, smartphones, and iPads.

So, why not give them another opportunity to utilize their electronic gadgets?

‘Socrative’ is an important online quiz tool that offers questions and educational games that can help students learn better. And of course, faster. It takes a short time for the tool to load on to your devices. You can use this resource as an app or even use it on any browser.Socrative


These are some of the most effective online quiz tools that can enrich the learning experience of your students. Also, it would make learning more fun for them. If you know about more such tools that help teachers create quizzes, do share them with us!


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