Is Singapore best place to study MBA?

Is Singapore best place to study MBA?

Are you dreaming to build a successful career in the corporate world? Why don’t you join the MBA course? For the past few years, Singapore has turned out to be important destination for MBA education. This country boasts itself in creating excellent learning ambience for MBA learners. Another advantage of studying MBA is that the students will gain practical experience as well as find employment in their dream companies easily.
Education is indeed a top priority in Singapore and many global surveys highlight that Singapore is one of the global leaders in research which also houses premier business schools sufficing the requirements of local students and also international candidates. Here are a few reasons why MBA education is popular in Singapore.

Top ranked business Schools for quality MBA education

There are six premier business schools that offer education as well as practical training of international standards. For instance, INSEAD is a prestigious business school that offers academic courses including fulltime MBA, doctoral management program as well as Executive MBA course. The MBA curriculum covers a wide array of core courses such operations management, supply chain management, marketing and so on. The MBA curriculum has approximately eighty electives such as Entrepreneurship as well as Family Enterprise, Operations Management, Marketing and so on. Students can choose their favorite elective and get most out of their MBA studies.

Intensive MBA program offered by Nanyang Business School, another top ranked MBA institute in Singapore, is designed so that the students develop their leadership qualities and gain deeper insights to the industry. Nanyang’s MBA students have the scope to go on corporate study mission to a foreign location. Qualified faculty as well as industry experts conduct interactive academic sessions that are complemented by industry workshops as well as business visits to the topnotch companies. One year MBA course of this famous business school in Singapore is ranked sixth position in Asia and also thirty-second position throughout the world by ‘Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2013’. Besides these institutes, Singapore offers multiple private institutes that cater to the requirements of the students in the management sector.

Establish Collaboration with other premier institutes

Most MBA institutes of Singapore collaborate with other premier universities and institutes. This type of collaboration contributes to quality education promoted by the Singaporean universities. Students gain wider exposure and remain updated with the industry’s trends and practices.

Safe and peaceful campus life

Since Singapore government follows the strict policy towards ragging as well as drug or substance abuse inside the campus, the students get safe and secured ambience in campus.

Abundant Job Opportunities

Many global businesses find it suitable to build their business headquarters in this country. According to 2008 Global Competitiveness Report, world class trade as well as investment makes this country most competitive amongst other Asian countries. Even in another report brought out in the year 2009, World Bank too ranks Singapore as the safest or easiest place in the world to conduct business activities. By establishing international headquarters in Singapore, nearly six thousand multinational organizations are benefited from free trade agreements of Singapore as well as more than thirty investment guarantee contract. These agreements have allowed the country to develop agreements with the countries that contribute to nearly sixty percent of global GDP. With an increasing number of companies opening their branches or headquarters in Singapore, the job opportunities for MBA degree holders also increase to a great extent.

Recent government policy to promote education amongst the local students

Presently, international students account for nearly eighteen percent of the total population of students in Singapore. However, the government is presently making initiatives to curtail funding opportunities to increase learning opportunities for the domestic students. Since English is the official language of education, students from foreign countries choose Singapore as the best place to pursue MBA education. To open up opportunities for local students, government are thinking to come up with more new plans in the coming days.

Between 2010- 2011 and onwards, application for MBA courses has increased drastically. The demand has increased both from self-financing as well as corporate sponsored candidates. The total number of candidates enrolled to Nottingham University in Singapore was almost more than double than that of students applied in the previous year. The same trend continues till date and the students of Singapore are more inclined to study management education.


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