Best Study Help Apps for College Students

Best Study Help Apps for College Students

Today, technology has ushered in a fresh breeze of life for modern-day education. Apart from connecting with friends, socializing, sharing thoughts and networking, generation-Y has been leveraging technology even for the purpose of learning.

No wonder, a majority of classrooms across the world have embraced various education technology trends in the last few years!

Nowadays, educational institutions have been exploring brand new ways of enriching the learning processes, thanks to the different technological tools. For instance, schools and colleges have started employing PowerPoint presentations in classrooms alongside the traditional ‘chalk-and-blackboard’ technique of imparting education.

That is not all.

Academic institutes also have been depending on e-mails and social networking platforms for communicating with parents. When I was a high-school student, I remember how our teachers used to share with us hand-written notes. However, times are gradually changing with the arrival of technology. These days, teachers have been sharing essential academic topics in groups or community pages of certain social networking platforms, apart from sharing hand-written notes!

Furthermore, teachers have also been resorting to technological tools like ‘Google Docs’ to keep students updated with important notes and academic ideas.

Similarly, technology has also impacted the way students learn various academic concepts.

For example, students have been turning to various kinds of educational apps for assistance while learning subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry and so on. Besides being portable, these applications are student-friendly and quite convenient to use. Students can enjoy access to these apps even while they are mobile, and all they require is a stable Internet connection. The best part about these apps is that: it simplifies lessons considerably and grooms students for their classroom sessions as well as examinations.

Read on to know about some of the best study help apps for college students in the following paragraphs:

#1. iStudiez Lite

The app known as iStudiez Lite is a fascinating app that can come to the aid of college students. If you are a college student, you need to be blessed with great time management skills, and this app enables you to do that.

First of all, you should insert all the details about your study schedule and the relevant information about your teachers.

Next, you would be receiving notifications about the same, on your smartphone or any other technological device that you might be using. The app would save the grades you receive in your class tests and exams. Also, it would track your progress in academics during the entire semester. So naturally, it would help raise your grades. And, you can taste success in a short span of time once you start employing this app.

As college students, you are bound to have a great deal of home assignments to complete.

In such circumstances, it is natural to keep track of all the homework. iStudiez Lite would let you enjoy more control over your homework by helping you plan your day. It can even take some time out of your busy schedule and leave you some free time for leisure.

In short, the app helps you manage:

  • 15 assignments
  • 5 courses
  • 2 holiday periods
  • 5 instructors
  • 1 semester
  • 15 exams per course



#2. FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder

College students can improve their vocabulary if they install the FREE Exam Vocabulary app on their technological gadgets. The app is extremely beneficial for students who would be appearing for college entrance exams, graduation exams or even competitive exams.

Students who are eager to upgrade their skills in language proficiency can also utilize this app regularly.
The app uses a unique technique known as ‘spaced repetition’ to aid students in remembering whatever they have learnt. You can organize your lessons effectively with the FREE Exam Vocabulary app, so that it becomes easier for you to plan your study schedule. In addition, you can also enjoy the other features of this app that comprise ‘Quiz’, ‘Flashcard’ and ‘Study’.

This app is a great study resource for TOEFL students for whom English is not the first language.

Now, let us discuss some of the special features of this app:

  • The app contains challenging terms that you would generally come across many college entrance exams and even graduate exams
  • Every word has two different sentences that help you understand the usage of the words in sentences
  • Automatic statistics that make it possible for you to keep a tab on your learning progress
  • No Internet connection is required as the app contains all the audio and text content




If you are keen to know about the meanings of complex words and phrases, you can install this app in your smartphone. boasts of more than 20,00,000 synonyms as well as definitions of words. Just like FREE Exam Vocabulary Builder, this app can also be accessed without an Internet connection. Did you know that this app also possesses references from

Some of the unique features of this app include:

  • Word of the Day – that helps students learn about a brand new word every day
  • Audio pronunciation – that empowers students to hear every word that they want to learn
  • Blog – that lets students read over 800 language topics that are really interesting
  • Quiz widget – that assists students in building their vocabulary thanks to the ‘Word of the Day’ quizzes
  • Translator – that helps students read the translations of more than 30 different languages
  • Voice Search – that helps students search out the words they wish to know by their speech
  • Spelling suggestions – that let students know how every word is spelt
  • Advanced learner’s dictionary – that helps students gain access to special content that is meant for English and ESL learners



#4. Coursera

Do you aim to join a course, dear students? If yes, Coursera might be one of your best choices. For, it is enriched with a large number of courses including those dedicated to Humanities, Business, Data Science, Computer Science and much more.

All these courses have been developed by some esteemed universities from all across the world.

These courses would teach you all the essential skills that are required to flourish in different kinds of professions. If you join courses, you would receive certificates for them and also certificates for the projects you work upon.

You might choose to invest in this app mainly because:

  • It helps you master a wide range of languages like French, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish
  • The app also makes it possible for you to explore numerous other courses and specializations on topics that deal with career
  • Coursera enables you to connect with many other students from various parts of the world and engage in course-related discussions
  • You can share your success stories with your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues too because Coursera gives you official certificates if you complete its courses



#5. Google Drive

I am sure you must be acquainted with the Google Drive app, dear students.

It is a wonderful app that lets you store your files in a safe place from any computer, tablet or smartphone. This is a very useful app for college students as it prevents them from losing their significant videos, photos and documents. Once your files have been uploaded in the Google Drive, you can invite your friends to view, edit and even leave comments on your files.

Here are the following functions Google Drive assures you:

  • Storing your files safely and accessing them from anywhere you would prefer
  • Searching for any document by putting in the name and content of that particular document
  • Sharing photos, videos, and documents with your friends, teachers and connections
  • Enabling your friends to view, edit or insert comments on your files
  • Accessing recent files quite easily
  • Viewing the details of the files and the activities that have been done in them
  • Utilizing the camera of your device to scan certain documents
  • Enjoying access to videos and also images from Google Photos



#6. Brainscape – Smart Flashcards

Do you keep forgetting important formulae or definitions? If you do, then you need to find a way to memorize them and retain them in your memory. Flashcards are a good way to memorize facts.

The app known as Brainscape – Smart Flashcards helps you to design flashcards on any device.

You can look for, create and even share different kinds of flashcards if you have installed this app in your device. With the aid of ‘cognitive science’, this app manages the timing of every flashcard repetition. Whether you are preparing for an exam or learning a new language, this app proves handy by spacing out flashcard repetitions for the appropriate interval.

In simpler terms, flashcards would be displayed on your device for a particular time frame that is best for your brain to register its contents.

All you would be required to do is: rate your knowledge of any academic topic on a scale of 1 to 5. This app has partnered with different educational institutions for creating flashcards for subjects like Music Theory, MCAT, foreign languages, sports trivia and many others.




#7. Quizlet

Quizlet is yet another effective study help app that contains a large number of flashcards on academic topics that have been designed by high school as well as college students.

However, if you are incapable of finding the subjects that you are searching for, you can always make your personalized flashcards.

You would be amazed to discover that your learning becomes much more fun and exciting once you start employing this app. The app also contains interactive games that help you master your subject. Moreover, the flashcards that you create with the help of this app can be easily shared with your friends.

If you choose to browse through the flashcards that are already valuable in the app, you would also come across audio pronunciations of different words, in as many as 18 languages!

Besides these, the Quizlet app also consists of several audio files and images that can make your lessons quite interesting.



#8. Todoist

As a college student, you have too many responsibilities. You need to complete your home assignment, revise the lessons taught in the class and go through the notes offered by your teacher. And, of course, you need to prepare for the exams that are just around the corner.

In a limited span of time, you are expected to complete quite a lot. At times, this might prove to be an uphill task for some students.

For such students, the app called Todoist is really useful. It is designed as an important task manager that compiles a list of the things that you need to complete on a given day. Therefore, it helps you collaborate with a group and keep a tab on your important projects.

The good thing about this app is that you can manage your tasks even when you are offline.

For instance, you can complete, add and also re-schedule tasks from your smartphone, tablet, desktop or even your e-mail. You can enjoy a round the clock access to all your tasks if you utilize this app.

College students also work under strict deadlines.

Todoist helps you plan much ahead; thereby stopping you from missing deadlines! You can organize your tasks for the day, specifying the start date and the due date of projects and assignments.



These are some of the best study help apps that can be employed by college students for learning their lessons faster. Technology has facilitated the learning processes and has been making education more interactive for students! A sound knowledge of the various apps that simplify education would motivate students to study harder and score brilliant grades in their exams.


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