Best Tips to Start Private Tuition

Best Tips to Start Private Tuition

Twenty-five-year-old Areeya loves children, and harbors a great passion for teaching. Luckily, last year, she bagged a job as a school-teacher in her locality, where she taught Science and Math to students. But, since it was a Monday to Friday job, she was completely free during the weekends. So, the young lady decided to offer private coaching to children on Saturdays and Sundays.

Now, anybody who has a knack for teaching can easily offer private tuition, just like Areeya. But, being equipped with a prior teaching experience is an added feather to your cap! Private tutors are in high demand throughout the globe, with the private tutoring industry estimated to grow to over $102.8 billion within 2018.

Some of you might wonder, “Why do I need to hire a private tutor, when I have enrolled my child in a reputed school?” Or, “Isn’t the school enough for my kids?” Well, this is the truth for you: schools are incapable of providing one-on-one attention to students and this issue is eliminated when you fix a home tutor for your child.

So, you see, starting a private tuition is an intelligent choice. But, how to go about it? Continue reading to unravel some of the best tips to start a private tuition:

  • Choose your subjects: First of all, you need to identify the subjects you’re best at. For instance, if you are a M.A., B.Ed in English, you must opt for giving English tuitions to kids. But, if you’re qualified in Math, it’s feasible for you to teach Math as a private tutor. If you choose your subjects carefully, you can contribute effectively to your tutee’s education. Moreover, your student will also be able to follow you better and perform well in his academics. Nowadays, Math tutors have the highest demand.
  • Select marketing technique: How do you plan to reach your tutees? Well, there are several marketing ideas you can pick from. Firstly, you can shoot across your business cards to student counselors at various schools. You can also post advertisements in various websites or publish ads in leaflets, flyers and pamphlets. Later, just distribute them amongst your friends and neighbors. Another good idea is to register with online tutoring agencies like com that helps you to connect with students easily. This is not only simple but also convenient for most people. It increases your opportunities to a great extent.
  • Decide on your tutees: Now, it’s time to decide about the age-groups of your potential tutees. Which age-group are you most comfortable teaching? Also, would you prefer to visit your tutee’s place or teach at your residence? And, if you agree to visit students, how far are you willing to travel? Knowing these things beforehand will help you plan your tuitions more efficiently and make you a successful tutor. Some tutors offer tutorial sessions based on certain school curriculums or boards, as different curriculum comes with different learning styles.
  • Discuss your rates: Don’t forget to discuss your hourly charges for private tuitions when the parents of a potential tutee are interviewing you. Invest your time in a smart research to learn how much other home tutors in your locality generally demand. Next, be careful while negotiating your hourly price. If you agree to a lower rate, chances are you would have no choice but to stick it at least for a few years. So, don’t relent under pressure and always be firm on your tuition fee.
  • Select the place of tuition: Have you decided the place where you would offer private coaching classes to your potential tutee? Make sure you choose a peaceful location for this purpose. For example, if a house is too chaotic, opt for the library. A quiet ambience with zero distraction would be ideal for offering tuitions to any student. Now, decide on the time. Are you willing to teach for one and a half hour or more? How many times a week can you teach? Teaching for twice a week is the best!
  • Create a lesson plan: Finally, you are ready to start your first private tuition. But wait! Unless you make a blueprint of your lesson plan for your tutee, you’re yet to be absolutely ready for the tutorial session. On your first day, learn the syllabus of your student. Then, summarize it. Note down how you plan to proceed with each chapter or topic of a particular subject such that it caters to your tutee’s requirements perfectly. Devise a curriculum you would like to follow while teaching your student.

Private coaching sessions might appear to be exciting and easy at the first glance. However, there is more than what meets the eye. When you’re a private tutor, you are required to teach on a one-to-one basis and identify the strengths and weakness of your child. So, ensure that you pay attention to each of my tips before you commence private teaching. Today, you can even start an online tutorial business, if you possess the right qualifications and are armed with an uninterrupted Internet connection.

Are you now ready to take on your first private tuition of your life?


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