Best Ways to Memorize Formulae

Best Ways to Memorize Formulae

I was just a twelve-year-old schoolgirl when I was exposed to the complex world of formulae. Math, Physics and Chemistry – each of them have their share of various kinds of formulae and some of them are a bit tricky. And I spent sleepless nights trying to memorize all of them!

My science teacher chose students randomly and asked each one of us to recite the formulae, and it had become a classroom ritual at the beginning of every lesson. The funniest part of my learning process was that despite my attempts at memorizing the formulae, I stammered whenever it was my turn to answer in class. It seemed impossible to retain those tough formulae in my memory, and the situation was no different during the exams.

I bet most of you face similar problems while trying to memorize formulae of different subjects. Knowing the formula for a particular math problem or chemical equation makes it possible for you to answer a lot of questions accurately. Moreover it also helps you score higher grades by expanding your chances to come up with the appropriate solution.

So let us read about some of the best ways to memorize formulae:

#1. Relax and focus: First of all, relax and do not permit any form of stress to affect you while your teacher is explaining the formulae. Try to understand the logic behind them and their relation with a particular topic. It would help you grasp your concepts better. In addition, a stress-free mind will enable you to pay attention to your lessons that contribute towards a more productive learning process.

#2. Avoid checking: Some of you might feel that once you learn a new formula, it automatically remains in your memory forever. However, this is not completely true. How often do you refer to the formula by looking at your textbook while solving a problem? I would suggest you stop looking at the formula multiple times and instead try to answer a question without referring to it. Repeating it actually helps you remember better.

#3. Analyze the formula: While learning about a brand new formula, it is important for you to analyze it. For instance, you must understand how the units or signs included in the formula have been formed. Approach your teacher and request her to guide you about the process of derivation of the formulae. You will realize that it’s easier to memorize the formulae if you understand each and every section.

#4. Relate: Now that you have understood the formation of the formula, try to relate it to something interesting. It assists you in remembering it clearly every time you are using it to solve a problem. Associating the formula to certain non-mathematical elements is a great idea. The idea is to relate your newly-learnt formula with anything that helps you memorize within a very short duration.

#5. Visualize a story: Next, make a mental note of the formula by thinking about it at leisure. Just close your eyes and visualize a blackboard. Now imagine yourself writing this formula on the blackboard using a chalk. While you are doing so, you might not be able to recall the entire formula as it is something new that you have learnt. If you are stuck, check the formula and repeat the process.

#6. Learn one formula at a time: Another technique that helps you memorize your formulae faster is to learn a single formula at a time. Trying to cram as many as four different formulae within fifteen minutes might not prove to be beneficial for students. This is because nobody can learn a formula successfully without repeating it at least five times. Therefore, do not rush through your learning process and practice the formula you have learnt as many times as possible before proceeding to the next.

#7. Satisfy yourself: Hunger and thirst are known to be some of the greatest distractions to effective learning. So always satisfy your hunger before you sit down to learn new formulae of any subject. That way you will feel more energetic and stronger that would, in turn, enhance your learning capacity and facilitate the process of memorization. It would enable you to concentrate on your formulae better.

These are some of the best techniques that can help you remember your formulae during your classroom assignments as well as your exams. Developing good study habits goes a long way towards making you more competent when it comes to applying a formula to solve a chemical equation or a Math problem.


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