Best Ways to teach Mathematics for IB level Students

Best Ways to teach Mathematics for IB level Students


Many Mathematics tutors do not have adequate knowledge of mathematics to teach the students at International Baccalaureate (IB) level programs.  Do you wish to teach IB level Mathematics effectively to your students? Here are a few tips or tricks that you should follow and become an expert in this discipline.

Know the syllabus thoroughly

The first step is to have a thorough knowledge of the IB diploma level mathematics syllabus. Depending on the requirements, abilities as well as interests, four mathematical courses are available for the students. These include mathematics studies at the standard level, mathematical standard level, advanced mathematics at higher level and mathematics higher level. Common to all these options are algebra, trigonometry, statistics, number, probability and functions. Make sure that you have enough knowledge and understanding of these areas in order to teach your students successfully.

Have a grasp on other related topics

The course selected by majority of the students includes other relevant topics such as logic, vector geometry, calculus, vector geometry and so on. You must have good knowledge of these and other optional topics like few matrices, graph theory, statistical methods as well as graph theory. The syllabus for two uppers level namely mathematics higher level as well as advanced math standard level, include 3D vector geometry, analysis, few more calculus as well as complex numbers, statistics as well as probability. A basic knowledge of mathematics is not adequate. To succeed as a tutor, you need to gain mastery over all these subjects.

Treat mathematics as a dynamic subject

Besides mathematical understanding, as a potential teacher of IB mathematics, you should represent mathematics as a logical and ‘connected enterprise’. The external evaluation component of this IB diploma program affords multiple opportunities for this type of evaluation to be widely practiced. Many students consider mathematics to be a static and boring subject with a few set algorithms that are applied to solve known mathematical problems. And your duty as a teacher is to develop a classroom ambience where the students get the scope to make use of their creative skills as well as knowledge and explore new situations with poise and also with expectation to succeed. Interaction between teachers and students therefore is the key. The main objective of a teacher is to help the students understand the significance of communication and also appreciate the significance of mathematics as well as mathematical reasoning.

Allow students to deal with the mathematical problems for a prolonged period of time

In an IB math program, a student has to complete a project or portfolio-centric assignment. It calls for spending more time and energy on the part of the students. In fact, the students have diverse scope to know about new topics, apply knowledge, make conjectures, build mathematical models, pursue specific interests, leverage technology as well as write the paper successfully. And as IB teacher, you should have the experience in these kinds of things and also the knowledge to use criterion-referenced evaluation to assess these types of activities.

Develop stamina or zeal to help your students in best possible way

All IB math tutors should have stamina, courage as well as perseverance to move away from conventional textbook teaching and also the capacity to utilize the resource while accomplishing the much-needed activities for IB students. In other words, you must develop solid knowledge and also become capable to share your knowledge with all your students.

Inculcate the habit of revision in your student

Helping the students to prepare well for the IB mathematics examination is not sufficient. It is vital that they should revise their lesson before they sit for the examination.Even after completing the papers, revising the answers is also a good habit. It helps the students to identify their errors and score better marks in the examination.

Go through the tips and try to implement them while teaching your students. If you take these points seriously and follow them in a diligent way, then you will perform better as a teacher. These tips help you to overcome your negativities and take your teaching experience to its next level.  You should always aspire to find ways to help your students perform well in this tough examination. If your students do well in the examination, your contribution will be appreciated and recognized.

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