Best YouTube Channels to Learn English

Apr 27, 2021

YouTube is known for guiding the students with easy learning tutorials and to learn a language, effectiveness of the YouTube channels is undeniable. Currently, the learners use YouTube for easy tutorials to learn any language and English obtains one of the highest positions here. 

English is a globally accepted language and every single day the number of learners is increasing. Here are some top YouTube channels to learn English easily:

Rachel's English

Current number of subscribers: 3.46M 

If your target is to master the accent of Americal English and in this YouTube channel, all the videos are available with subtitles. As a result, the tutorials are understandable to any native learner. 

Different playlists of this channel help the learners to pick the exact video they need and start learning accordingly. To improve your English vocabulary, learn parts of speech, and grammatical uses, Rachel’s English is one of the best YouTube channels at present. 

BBC Learning English 

Current number of subscribers: 3.43M

BBC Learning English holds a number of real new clips to make your English learning close to reality. If Rachel’s English is the best option to learn American English, BBC English is for the nitty-gritty of British English. 

The pronunciation workshops of this channel can help the students a lot along with the videos in different categories. 

Learn English with 

Current number of subscribers: 5.35M

This channel is one of the most popular channels to learn English for the learners of any country and the number of subscribers denotes the same. The tutorials of this channel cater to the needs of learners of all ages.

It is claimed that the tutorials of Learn English with are very short and crisp. Therefore, the learners have no chance of getting bored. Also, here, the learners get the chance of exercising while watching the video. is equally popular among those who want to rectify their accent or speed up their speaking. To learn the pronunciation of different English words correctly, this channel offers excellent guidance. 

VOA Learn English

Current number of subscribers: 1.63M

Voice of America or VOA offers English lessons to learners worldwide with a twist. Here, the focus of this channel is communicative English. Due to this reason, the tutorials of this channel are much like news reports, conversations, or interview types. 

The twist is the news reporters are professional English teachers. The most preferred section of this channel is the ‘English in a minute’ videos. VOA Learning English is basically for fast learning the language that too in the communicative format. 

Easy English

Current number of subscribers: 1.04M

Easy English is for those who have really short time to learn UK English and manners before settling there. The videos of this channel are not longer than 3-5 minutes. These tutorials are equally helpful for the students as well as to any other general learners. 

The maker of Easy English not just includes the tutorials on classroom UK English. English of daily use is also included here which is a reason behind its increasing number of subscribers. Plus, different topics are discussed in this channel which is nonetheless very helpful to the users. 

English Addict with MisterDuncan

Current number of subscribers: 920K

English Addict with MisterDuncan offers extremely easy tutorials to the learners which makes him a favorite teacher worldwide. His sense of humor is an add-on for the learners. 
It is to be noted that this channel holds quite long videos and the reason behind this is descriptiveness. Mister Duncan teaches from the scratch and makes the concepts of English crystal clear to the students.


Current number of subscribers: 949K

JenniferESL includes a huge collection of videos instructing the users how to improve one’s English skills in very easy terms. The grammar lessons of this YouTube channel make it one of the best channels in this genre. 

Apart from this, the learners may prefer FluentU English, Real English, and Britlish. The makers of these tutorials are either a professional English teacher or learned person who understands the weak areas of the learners really well. To be used to with English conversation, National Geography and TheEllenShow can be very helpful. For kids below 15, British Council: Learn English Kids is probably the best channel and if your goal is to learn business English, you have to subscribe to Business English Pod. To get personalized lessons on English, the users may hire an experienced English tutor for them. 


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