Blended Learning Enriches Learning experience

Blended Learning Enriches Learning experience

Teachers and students come across various learning activities and approaches that challenge their thinking as to how learning and teaching can be facilitated, and what new etiquettes of learning and teaching can be conveyed into education. In this context, blended learning in classroom is a new educational system with great potential to increase student outcomes and create new exciting roles for teachers. It is one of the best terms to describe the current state of education’s relationship with technology.

The rise of blended learning in education

The idea of blended learning is to synthesize different approaches to create high impact learning. Many institutions are now combining online learning resources with classroom training or with one-to-one coaching. The blended learning incorporates the use of apps, websites, surveys, QR codes and videos integrated into the lesson. This mode of learning effectively blend the classroom with technologies that can increase student engagement , enthusiasm and build a sense of community as students collaborate more together. With the majority of schools and students using wireless technology into their classroom, blended learning is gaining its popularity.

The best practices for integrating blended-learning process in classroom

Blended learning support teachers in their decision-making process

No matter what kind of technology is being used, classrooms are full of high-spirited kids who need a teacher with strong classroom management skills. The teachers should also have the ability to set a positive classroom culture. Blended learning help teachers to tailor learning to the individual learners. Not only the teachers keep a track of where each student is, they are also responsible to help learners feel valued and connected to the society.

Blended learning provides the right direction to the students

With blended learning, students are given specific and timely tasks so that they’re busy with the devices and know what they’re researching and using it for. Also it is important to assign a time limit, or else they will take too much time to finish a particular task. Moreover, their task should produce a result.

Set procedures and policies for blended learning

Set standards for the usage of different technologies. For instance, if students are using their phones for researching, they shouldn’t misuse it, or else they will not be allowed to use such devices in the classroom. However, the software used in learning should not dictate the learning goal. This is because many of these technologies do not offer a cohesive learning strategy as they’re slowly improving.

Make room for experiment for best use of blended learning

If the vision, goals and desired outcomes are clear, give students enough opportunities to experiment with what works the best. However, this depends upon the need of the students and the schools as they have to deal with vastly different kinds of student populations. As blended learning works differently for a variety of subjects, the teachers and principals should also be given rooms to try new things, innovate, fail and evolve until they find the right solution. Blended learning requires a lot of flexibility to be able to integrate properly in education.

The top ten trends associated with blended learning

  • The number of classroom-only education is stagnant. While the number of students participating in online learning is steadily growing
  • Blended learning enhances critical thinking skills. Students are required to look at the information more critically rather than just trying to memorize studies either without understanding them or what is merely presented to them in classroom
  • This form of learning is more interactive and personalized learning approach
  • New productive games are bringing students close to deeper learning
  • Blended learning focus more on student learning experience rather than on the teachers. It offers a more inquiry driven and experiential learning experience.
  • Blended approach offers more data and information to the teachers, students, administrators, and parents to make more informed decision.

Classroom filled with wide range of technologies to study, blended learning help every student and teacher make learning more personalized and interesting.


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