How to Boost Your Wi-Fi at Home

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi at Home

Most of the people using Internet connection at home are using Wi-Fi connection when they are at home to connect everything from their tablets to their smartphones in one connection. However, using Wi-Fi connection in a home often becomes frustrating for the users. Why? Wi-Fi signals are often plagued by poor connection, bad reception, and slow speed.

Be patient. There are ways in which you can boost the Wi-Fi signals of your home and use your Internet connection happily. But how? Here are the top 10 ways you can try:

Use the latest Wi-Fi technology: Check whether you are using old and outdated hardware and poor network connections. If required, you need to buy a new router and ask your internet connection provider about the signal and the speed of the connection that you are getting. According to experts you will need a wireless N router and a card in your laptop. Doing this will increase the speed of the Wi-Fi connection.

Where do you keep the router? Check whether you have hidden the router inside a cabinet or behind a stack of books simply because you do not like the look of it. You need to keep the router in an open area for it to catch signals properly. Find out an area in your home where there is no obstruction. The antenna of the router should be kept perpendicularly. You may also keep the router at an elevated position in the house. Try the attic and you may get better signals from there. If you want the signal to reach every corner in your home, you must keep the hardware in a central area in your home.

The right wireless channel is important: Is your neighbor’s router interfering with yours? This may cause your signal to degrade. You can choose tools like Wi-Fi Analyzer to choose a channel for your router which will have as little interference as possible. Ask your Internet service provider to help you with that.

Interference from other appliances: Your neighbor’s router is not the only device that can disturb your Wi-Fi signals. There are many things in your home that can interrupt the signal. Cordless phones, microwaves, and OTGs can cause disturbance in the signal that the router catches. You can either buy cordless phones on different bands so that the signals do not collide or can also buy a dual band router for your Wi-Fi connection. You can even try moving your router from the appliances that can cause disturbances.

Secure your Wi-Fi connection: Are you sure that your neighbor is not stealing your Wi-Fi connection? You must have secured your connection with a password. But, hacking that password is pretty easy and almost anyone with tech skills can do that. It is important to have a WPA password. There are list of other things that can help you to completely secure your Wi-Fi connection. Ask your Internet service provider.

You may control bandwidth hogging applications: Activities like video chats, playing online games, and downloading movie as torrent files take away a lot of bandwidth of your connection. Thus, if your child is playing online games, Internet will be slow for everyone else. What can you do in such a situation? You can choose the option “Quality of Service or QoS to control these bandwidth hogs better. With this option you will be able to prioritize a video call over online gaming. Thus, the important applications and activities get the most bandwidth.

Try DIY tricks to increase Wi-Fi: If the range of your router is not very far, you can definitely improve its signals by applying some DIY. Guard the side of the signaling antenna with a cut beer can or a tin plate and your signals will reach further with minimal efforts.

Buy repeaters: If you live in a big house, chances are that the Wi-Fi signals will not reach to the farthest corners of your home. The easiest way to boost signals to each and every corner of your home is to use a repeater. A Wi-Fi repeater increases the strength and range or the signal manifold. However, if you are connected with the repeater you may experience a slow Internet speed. It goes away as soon as you reach the area covered by the router.

Try these hacks to improve Wi-Fi signals at home. One among these will definitely work in your situation.


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