Characteristics of a Good Private Tutor

Characteristics of a Good Private Tutor

Being a teacher is an important role that a person plays in the life of a student. It creates a general point of view regarding a teacher in the mind of the student. For a student, a few teachers are always the favorite ones and the primary reason mainly lies in the qualities and the unique personality of that teacher. There are a few special characteristics in teachers that make him or her a student’s favorite.

Teaching demands a lot of efforts and hard work and some teachers don’t even try much to be better than the average lot. They simply do whatever is needed and they don’t try hard enough to refine their teaching style. The amazing and wonderful teachers always try to work as much as they can to generate a better environment for their students to learn and become successful in life. Good teaching is not usually about how much knowledge or skill the teacher has, rather it is basically the attitude of the teacher towards his students and the method they choose to teach which matters the most. Here are a few characteristics of good private tutors.

Patience and Tolerance

A good tutor requires patience and tolerance in them while teaching the student because it is important to acknowledge that a student will make mistakes while learning. You might feel annoyed by their mistakes, but you need to keep patience as making mistakes is a part of learning and growing. Sometimes, you may also need to let go of the silly mistakes students make.


A good tutor also requires persistence because a student might sometimes not want to study or learn, but a teacher should be able to motivate him or her to study. As a tutor, you should arouse the curiosity in a child to learn and make the experience of learning for him or her very cordial. The fact can’t be denied that giving education to students certainly requires a lot of hard work and persistence.

Finding out the Perfect Way to Teach

Every person has his own way in which they learn quickly or understand better. As a teacher, you should find out a method by which your students will be able to grasp the concepts in an easier and faster manner. You should be able to identify the student’s learning style to figure out which method of teaching would be suitable for him or her.

Inspire and Motivate

If a person is inspired and motivated, he or she will make his/her best efforts to do the task. Similarly, a teacher should also inspire and motivate the student which will make him or her make best efforts to learn. You can inspire and motivate them by telling them stories of successful people or sharing motivational quotes.

Balance between Friendliness and Firmness

Be friendly as well as firm in everything you say to the students and try to maintain a balance between friendliness and firmness in your conversations. To convey your thoughts, you need to be firm but you need to be friendly as well avoid being rude and harsh with your students.

Be a Good Listener

A good teacher is also a good listener. To teach and ensure your students understand, you will certainly need your students to listen to you, but it is guiding the student on the path of life and showing him or her the right way of handling situations in life which is more important. In life, many things happen and a teacher can be a good guide if the students share their problems with him. Not every child likes to share his life problems, but asking him once if everything is fine or not when he appears sad will make him feel cared.

Passion for your Subject

You should be passionate for your own subject as it will help you to be an expert in it. You will be able to solve most of the problems faced by the students in your subject. If you know your subject very well, it will be easier for you to be innovative and creative while you teach it. If you are the expert in your subject, students will love you for it.

So, if you really want to be a good private tutor, patience, persistence, a motivated personality and passion for your subject should be your inherent qualities.


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