Common Challenges Teachers Face Everywhere

Common Challenges Teachers Face Everywhere

If you are a teacher or aspire to be one, there are certain challenges that you must know about. Every job has its own set of challenges and the teaching profession is no different. According to a recent research there are around 15 percent of teachers who leave their jobs in the first year itself. And another 14 percent teachers change their place of working by this time.

This is mainly because of the steep learning curve that the teachers have to cope with. It is a good thing that a new tutor brings enthusiasm and energy to the students of the entire classroom. However, there are a lot of areas within the school curriculum and framework where the teacher struggles. If the school effectively addresses these areas, your capabilities as a teacher improves and you will be more open to accepting new challenges. You will also not hesitate to bring in innovative changes to the learning environment of the classroom.

It’s a challenge to cope with classroom management

If you newly join a school as a teacher, one of the most crucial challenges you will face is classroom management. You might be unprepared or under prepared to deal with behavioral problems of the students. There are many teachers who claim their pre-service programs and training did not provide practical knowledge on the behavioral issues.

Thus, they fail to deal with unruly students. Thus, there has to be a proper training and development program for the teachers. You must also agree that a bit more of practical information on classroom management could be more useful.

The burden of curricula

There is often a lack of guidance and suggestions on the management of lessons and units in a classroom. Thus, without proper instructions and resources like a lesson plan, it becomes difficult to teach. If you are new and have not yet learnt to manage lessons or knowledge of imparting the best of education, you might face difficulty.

Remember, curricular freedom is okay for veteran teachers, but not for new teachers. They will definitely need training and assistance to be able to manage their classrooms in the best possible manner. Unfortunately, new teachers end up struggling with lesson plans for an average of 10 to 12 hours a day! Thus, it is a good idea to let the experienced teachers make lesson plans and help the new faculty members.

Unsupportive environment often becomes a challenge

New teachers often find it difficult to sink in comfortably with the old ones working in the institutes for long. Thus, it is a challenge to get on with the neglect, cooperation, and hostility from the teachers. You need to make things easier around you in the first year. Asking for a lesson plan or seeking help with curriculum may seem difficult. You may even have to cope with different behaviors of the veteran teachers.

How can veteran teachers make it easier?

It is the responsibility of the experienced and old teachers of the institution to help the new teachers cope better with the environment. They should not refuse to share lesson plans and should also help them cope with students’ behavioral issues inside the classroom.

Sometimes, the behavior of the veteran teachers disrupts the normal classroom activities. Such events should be prevented at all cost! They should provide necessary support and do not give bad advice to the new teachers. Meaningful suggestions and feedback from the veteran teachers always help. It is degrading for the experienced teachers to refuse helping the new ones.

How can schools help?

The school administration should understand that just like the new students, the new teachers should also be given the right amount of guidance and help. They need management tips, help with lesson plans, and also information regarding managing classrooms.

Thus, steps should be taken to ensure the convenience of the new teachers in a school. Steps like assigning mentors to new teachers, assessing their growth, and providing proper training and guidance, needs to be taken. It is also important not to burden the new teachers with workloads so that they can take some time to get along with the new environment.


New teachers should strive hard to cope with the new environment. They need to learn, ask for feedback, and be ready to change their outlook towards imparting futuristic education to the students.


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