How to Ace IB Diploma Examination?

How to Ace IB Diploma Examination?


There is an increasing trend among the students in Hong Kong to switch from their country specific syllabuses to the IB (International Baccalaureate) programs. This has left many asking questions what exactly is IB and what does it offer? The IB program is an internationally accepted pre-university curriculum that offers 12 and 13 year students gain a diploma on comprehensive curriculum that meets international standards.There are 1888 schools throughout the world offering IB diploma programs. The program is comparatively traditional and bears resemblance with the United Kingdom’s AS and A2 level curriculums. The students have to take six subjects over two years in the major academic areas. The subjects are: native language, second language, experimental sciences, individuals and societies, computer sciences and mathematics.This advanced program of study offers students an integrated approach to learn across various academic disciplines. The focus is to help students develop knowledge and skills required to meet the challenges of living and working in a globalized society. This diploma offers numerous advantages to the students. One of the greatest advantage is that the program ensures a comprehensive and cohesive education to the students. The main focus of the degree is not only to prepare students for future education but for their future lives.Through this course, students gain a broader view of the world and improve their problem solving skills, time management and research and development skills. Such skills and talents help students even after they have completed their IB diploma. The students are assessed over the period of two years following the internationally accepted performance standards. The achievement of the students are assessed in a variety of ways. The students certainly have to sit for the examinations developed and marked by the international examiners. Other than that they have to appear for the oral language exams, prepare science laboratory notebooks, prepare art portfolios, write essays and participate in other projects. The final score of the students is calculated considering all these activities.To receive IB diploma, you will require strong writing skills and rigorous academic preparation. Here are some tips:

  • According to Oxford Study Courses, the subjects that tend to be most difficult are maths, biology, and history. You will have to delineate more time to memorize the mathematical equations, history facts, scientific processes. You will get many online resources related to a subject. Such resources may help you to prepare for IB exams.
  • IB exams consists of a few multiple-choice questions. But, short answer types and essays make up majority of the paper. Follow the previous exam papers to understand the structure of the examination.
  • In addition to the written tests, you have to plan for the oral tests. Even though, it is hard to tell what an examiner may ask, prepare speaking the foreign language aloud. Make mental notes to answer oral questions.
  • IB exams test ability of the students to communicate ideas clearly, craft logical arguments, and think critically. You need to build up an in-depth understanding of international perspective.

How to prepare for IB examination?There are several books specifically designed for IB. You can consult those books for preparing for the exams. There are certain centers that run different programs for students willing to face IB examination. The programs are designed to prepare the students for the examination. Through such programs, you can develop time management, essay writing, research, and oral presentation skills. The centers also prepare students for the actual exams with IB mock examinations. If you do not have time to visit a center and prepare for the exam, you can pick up online teachers and advisors who can help you prepare your subjects. The online tutors also provide scope for mock exams.

Always take these mock tests seriously. It will help you to find out how you are doing in all the areas. If you are lagging behind in a specific subject, put some extra efforts in that particular subject. Get enough rest before the examination and eat a healthy meal. You should face the examination stress-free. Image courtesy:


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