Does Online Learning in Schools Prepare Teens for University

Does Online Learning in Schools Prepare Teens for University

Emma, Robert and Henry never missed school! They were just ten years old, yet enjoying their classroom learning sessions, unlike most of their friends in other schools. Why? It’s just because they were head over heels in love with the ‘new learning style’ adopted in their school recently. Can you guess what could it be? Well, here is a clue for you: it’s definitely got to do something with modern technology. Still didn’t get it? Okay. Let me solve the puzzle for you. Their school had introduced a unique process of ‘online learning’ in the curriculum.

Now, what is online learning? First of all, it a completely new concept and undoubtedly one of the best products of Information Technology. In this technique, teachers employ online resources from the Internet to impart knowledge to students. And, students are encouraged to collect reference material, study, complete and submit assignments through the web. So, the importance of online education can’t be really underrated.

The question hovering around your minds is, does online learning at schools help prepare teenagers for colleges or universities? To be frank, most school-kids or college students tend to lose focus on their academics. However, once they come in contact with online learning, their lessons start becoming livelier to them. Research has re-emphasized this fact.

Read on, if you want to discover how online learning at schools helps students gear up for their higher education:

Time management: You might not know it, but online learning actually teaches you great time management skills. Why depend on the class bell always? Online lessons at school help students be the masters of their own time. When you are multitasking on the web, you’re getting ready to embrace a series of new courses and extracurricular events offered in a university campus. For instance, you might be employing scheduling tools while working on school project. This will motivate you to schedule your studies and be punctual while submitting your assignments.

Using technology: When schools include online learning, students spontaneously learn to navigate the Internet for conducting their research. For example, if you are seeking information on World Wars for your latest history project, you just need to type in your keywords in a search engine. And, you will be provided innumerable links. Now, you must source the information appropriately in a way that best meets your requirements. This way, you find yourself habituated to search the Internet and collect reference material for preparing notes in your university.

Exhaustive coursework: You will find that reputed universities emphasize on impressive courses at school-level, apart from great SAT scores. That’s because such courses enable students to emerge as academic winners in universities! Schools involved in online learning offers special courses to kids that help them retain interest in their school assignments. Some of them might even assist students to improve scores in their most favorite subjects. Virtual schools also come with exclusive lesson plans, tasks and projects to inspire school-kids to learn more easily and perform better in exams.

Proper guidance for selecting universities: Several traditional schools counsel final year students who seek admission into universities. They offer detailed guidelines and useful suggestions regarding the same. Students of different streams – Humanities, Science or Commerce are advised to appear for entrance exams for the best universities. But schools with compulsory online lessons do a much better job in this field. If you belong to such a school, your teacher can guide you more easily about which educational institute to apply, how to fill up the online registration form accurately and so on.

Teaching personal responsibility: Using online tools make school students smarter, and more intelligent. For, they start becoming more responsible for their actions. For instance, students become aware of their deadlines and start treating them seriously, when they are engaged in completing their assignments on the Internet. So, when they enter their university classrooms, they behave in a more matured manner and deliver their tasks to their professors on time. When you are browsing the Internet for a piece of information, you become more independent and clever.


So, students, can you see how important online lessons at school are? They can revolutionize the entire learning process. And, of course, make learning fun for you. But most importantly, they play a crucial role in developing you for your higher studies!


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