E-learning: A Key to Success in Exams

E-learning: A Key to Success in Exams

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Technology holds the key to success in education. It is necessary to bring technology into learning to empower knowledge. When technology is amalgamated with knowledge, it becomes Electronic learning or E-learning. The internet is beaming with online courses that offer students the chance to ‘e-learn’ without binding them in constraints of place or time. However, the courses maintain their timetables including start and conclusion dates, assignment deadlines, and specific timings for online discussions.Today, e-learning has touched millions of students worldwide and the number is growing by the day. The high acceptance rate of this innovative learning technique shows that it is the key to success in exams. Let us delve into some reasons why e-learning has acquired such a significant place in education system:

  • Engages Students: Students must relate to what they are studying so that learning outcomes are improved. Theoretical concepts presented through interesting and vibrant screens help learners enjoy and absorb learning better. At a basic level, this implies that E-Learning engages learners by keeping their minds and hands busy through its quality information that eventually translates into deep knowledge.
  • Enhances Performance: E-learning offers tools and opportunities that can enhance performance of the learners in a protected environment. With interactive tools, learning becomes more fun and entertaining. They can review their performance over time and measure scope for improvement to do better in exams.
  • Inspires Thinking: The real meaning of visual thinking is converting text-based data into images and content that illustrate ideas and flow of concepts. The students can leave behind the linear framework of the printed word, files, and spreadsheets and enter the non-linear framework of networks, spatial relationships, maps, and illustrations. This type of virtual information inspires thinking that is not dependent on text and allows students to move over concepts and information listed in bullet points. In this type of open and visual world, students find it easier to connect to their studies and hence, understand it better.
  • Personalized Learning: Learners want to be in command of what and how they learn. E-learning offers thepowerof choosing to learners, that a classroom doesn’t. The learners can customize learning according to their preference and requirements. They are not bound by a pre-set curriculum that needs to be conformed to. This sort of flexibility helps in making an effective study plan to prepare for exams and adhere to it too.
  • Creative Tools:The students enjoy the liberty of using numerousstudy techniques and tools to help them study better and pick what is best for them. Wonderful examples of these study tools include online study planners, online flashcards, mnemonics, mind maps, audio and video resources. These tools aid making notes that make memorizing easier. The students find it convenient to revise and remember their study curriculum with these tools.
  • Promotes Independence: The students do not rely on teachers anymore but learn to be responsible themselves. There is a sense of accountability that accompanies independence. E-learning provides a medium, which allows students toexplore beyond their text books, something a teacher is not likely to do in a classroom packed with students.
  • BroadensHorizon: E-learning exposeslearners to the world beyond their town or country. Students from various countries share the same platform, express themselves and learn in a common environment. They can discuss, debate, and resolve issues or doubts related to their studies. It is a great opportunity to share innovative ideas to tackle queries and learn what’s latest.
  • Inspires Students: E-learning not only inspires students but also encourages them to get more from school. It gets children to school as inspired and encouraged students are more enthusiastic towards their studies. There are brighter prospects of these students excelling in their exams as they are better prepared and focused to achieve success in exams.
  • Standardized Sessions:E-learning creates a standardized progression and steadiness in the content delivery.  It compresses access time with consistent content and live sessions delivered to students.
  • Real-Time Learning:E-learning allows a mobile learning settingas the learner is not constrained by time or location. The students are no longer disadvantaged by location, time and even maintain subject choices to be taught by a virtual teacher. There is no hindrance to get in touch with virtual teachers as they can be accessed anytime from anywhere.
  • Competent Resources:Online programs are mentored by professionals who are adept in handling queries and helping students overcome their doubts. This kind of constant assistance and guidance facilitates learners in comprehensive learning as they can rely on the competent e-learning resources.
  • Freedomto Be Unsuccessful: While real time learning can involve failure, E-learning gives you the liberty to fail without worrying about a classroom full of students. This gives confidence to explore and test ideas.The right feedback provided here creates a perfect learning environment.  Even if students fail, they can always start again, which is something impossible to do in a real classroom.
  • Improves Retention: The mixture of instructional design and multimedia produces a rich learning practice that can be repeated. With great practice activities and feedback, students have a learning atmosphere that helps to retain course content and produce results. In case students need a revision, they can access online resources and content to refresh what they havelearnt.
  • Cost Effective: E-learning is a comparatively inexpensive way to learn more. Instead of expending precious study hours in library and stepping out to attend tuitions, students can produce fantastic results by logging in on the e-learning modules and studying. The virtual teachers can instruct on any subject chosen by the student and even clear doubts related to the subject without the students having to spend anything extra.

Successful achievement of E-learning courses requires planning, time management, independence, knowledge to use virtual media, interaction skills, and being accountable for one's personal learning outcomes. Only then, students can benefit from such innovative learning platforms and perform better in exams. Simply put, this novel method to study is surely a smart way to learn.


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