Education & Job skills a key concern ahead of election

Education & Job skills a key concern ahead of election

With Indonesia’s elections next month, the rival parties are suggesting ways to fix the education system in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy. The country is widely blamed for failing to upgrade students with the skills to find jobs.

In a vice presidential debate this week, partly focused on education, opposition candidate Sandiaga Uno attacked President Joko Widodo record and his signature programme to improve one of the world’s biggest vocational high school systems. Education though, could prove a weakness for the ruling party.

90 percent of Indonesia’s labour force of 131 million have no college degree and more than half works in informal sectors.

Ruling party wants to spend $1.22 billion in 2019 on improvements of 14,000 vocational schools or more than double the past three years’ spending.

Hariyadi Sukamdani, Chairman of Indonesia’s employers’ association mentioned that vocational schools have struggled to offer the skills employers want. 

A shortage of skills was revealed in managerial positions, from chemical manufacturing to biochemistry and food technology as per a joint assessment by the Government and the World Bank.
She stated that it was tough to keep pace with technology. A course on office management,  taught use of a fax and even a typewriter, there were no courses on artificial intelligence or automation.

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