Education - The Brightest Ray of Hope

Education - The Brightest Ray of Hope

Education is the one of the most important things in the world. Each and every person has the right to get education irrespective of its cast, creed or color. Education is necessary for the development of a person and its country. It helps a person to gain respect for its self and survive in the world. Education is the key in creating sustainable growth, to foster peace and to reduce poverty and inequality. Today many steps are taken to create awareness about education. Campaigns are started by teachers, and other staff. Many NGOs are support and create awareness. Lectures are given on the topic of education in schools, institutes etc.

Reasons why education is important

  • Education reduces poverty. It helps people to earn a livelihood. An educated person can effortlessly meet all the basic needs of life. It helps people to have a comfortable lifestyle.

  • It teaches a person moral, spiritual and ethical values. Education removes all the beliefs of caste system, discrimination between people due to creed and color, inequality, etc. thus it leads to development of the country.

  • Reduces crime rate in the world. As education helps people to earn and teaches good morals, crime rate is automatically reduced and people are able to live peacefully.

  • Education plays a major role in the development of a country. It increases the economy of the country immensely. The citizens of country having high rate of literacy earn more per capita as compared to developing countries. Hence it boosts the economy of the country.

  • Helps to live peacefully in the society. Education enhances the chances to contribute towards one community and society. It also helps to gain a certain level of respect in the society.

  • It makes you self dependent and increases your confidence. It makes you wiser so that you can make your on decisions. It turns your dreams into reality. A degree from any institution helps you in pursuing your dream and be a successful person.

  • Education helps a person to have a fresh and logical approach towards life. It helps in adapting to newer techniques for productivity.

  • It enables a person to work in any conditions, country, and culture and with different type of people. As an educated person will be able to adapt to types of situations as compared to non-educated person.

  • Lastly, education is the key to solving all the problems one faces in life. It helps to gain an insight about the world and enables us to make an informed choice. Ignorant decisions can greatly hamper our growth and as a human being, we are blessed with a working brain; make use of it the most and learn as much as you can.

How to Gain Education

Education is a life long process. There is no age limit to gain education. One can learn by various methods like tutors, coaching classes, institutions etc. In school there is primary education and secondary education. After getting secondary education one can go in colleges and universities to get further knowledge. Government of different countries are making strict laws that at least primary education is compulsory for each and every person. Different agencies are working on how impart knowledge to poor. Laws are made that poor people can get free admission in schools which help them to get knowledge.

Education is essential for each and every person. There should be a system made in each and every country on making poor children literate. This will help in making the world a peaceful place to live and will lead to new innovations. Hopefully there will be no future wars and fights and there would a day in the world when there is a Hundred percent literacy rate in the world.


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