Effective Handwriting Tips for Your Kid

Effective Handwriting Tips for Your Kid

From completing worksheets to writing essays, your child has to complete a lot of work assignments and the teacher should also be able to read them without difficulty. In spite of massive use of technology for higher education, the schoolwork of a child is usually written on own hand. If your child struggles hard to put all the words on paper, it is obvious that he will also fail to express his thoughts of feelings computer or other device. Indeed, switching to one computer is not the solution. According to experts, the small kids can learn new ideas at times of writing by own hand than by using keyboard of computers. It is seen that the children with poor handwriting can improve their handwriting skills with lot of practice. Here are a few tips you should follow and help your child to improve his handwriting skill.

Make use of invisible ink

Trace down the letters as well as simple words on the back of your child and check if he can predict exactly what you are writing. When you swap and allow him to write one letter or word you have already written down. You must focus on letters that seem to be tough for your kid to remember. U, q, j, n, z and k constitute nearly forty-eight percent of the errors that children often make while writing lowercase letter of English alphabets. Parental guides or suggestions are available on the internet that you may consider and improve your child’s handwriting.

Help your kid to develop your grip

The kids who fail to hold pencil in the correct way is usually get exhausted after writing for some time. Do not scold him if he is unable to get the proper grip. Try to make the situation light. Tell your child to imagine that he is a waiter and requests him to write down the order in a clear and nice way. Another idea is to motivate him to dress just like rock star and ask him to give his autograph.

Make use of colors

Use the marker pens or crayons and also draw one capital letter just on one piece of a white paper. Request your child to choose a part of this letter. You may turn capital I into beautiful butterfly or even transform the letter O into huge octopus. Make sure if she decorates any letter, she also may be focusing on the right shape of the letter. It will help him to improve his way of writing letters.

Choose a Winner

Devote one night every week as a special activity night. Allow your child to write down the stuff he would wish to do on the slips of the paper as well as place them inside a jar. They can suggest games, movies or anything that interests him. Many students want to get involved with creative games such as baking the muffins or building blocks. In this way you can help your child to practice his writing skill and also keep them engaged.

Arrange for interesting activity for your child

Why don’t you turn your dull lawn into a dreamland? Use wool and cotton to create a winter wonderland, place reindeer toys or sledges and snowman. Then you must ask the glove-clad child to write down the letter in snow.

Use lovely messages

There is another innovative way you can adopt to improve the handwriting of your kid. Leave all the surprise messages for the kid on pillow, bathroom mirror or even inside his backpack. End each message with one question as well as ask her to write down answer on back and also leave it inside a surprise location.

Indulge your child into the habit of dictation

Get into habit of asking all your child to write down important things for you. You may dictate the shopping lists, also teach him to write address on envelopes as well as write down the reminders on family calendar. Practice makes a man perfect and the more your child practices, the more he picks up better handwriting style. You can take help of your child’s private tutor and know about nice tips or suggestions in this matter.

Make use of office tools

Stock all the office supplies, collect creative writing tools such as scented markers, gel gens and soon. Give him different kinds of papers such as doodle pads, sticky note pads and the like. Store them in your child’s room and give them surprise. Use colorful papers or streamers and wrap them. Once your child finds the thing and unwraps the cover he will feel excited. Indeed his zeal to practice handwriting will increase multifold.

Go through the essential tips or suggestions and help your child improve handwriting like never before.


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