Effective Ways to Make a Balance between Sports and Academics

Jun 16, 2021

While several subjects are taught primarily in school classrooms, sports provide an excellent opportunity for children to go outside, get active, and emphasize developing new skills. Sports should become an essential part of the school curriculum as it makes students remain physically and emotionally healthy. This eventually helps kids to focus on their studies.

Students that participate in sports have high confidence, self-esteem, and mental alertness. However, the balance between sports and academics is extremely important. Continuous reading and the burden of studies can be relaxed with the practice of sports. When studies and sports go side by side, improved mental and physical development is a must.

Why is Sports Necessary in Schools?

It is a sad part that academics has been preferred over sports. The stress of doing better in exams and stressing for them is the only thing that remains in student life. For making students stress-free and for their overall growth, sports in school are necessary. Giving more importance to studies and less to extra-curricular activities can make student life miserable. There should be holistic development, and sports can provide that. Nowadays, schools are equally focussing on sports as well as academics for making the students all-rounders.

Sports plays a pivotal role in educating students by teaching them to be strong from outside with a healthy body and from inside with good mental health. Combining education and sports can provide them a self-motivating spirit to perform things on their own. Day-to-day practice in sports can imbibe leadership skills and also helps to learn team spirit along with proficiency to share defeat and victory. Sports education has a direct effect on a person’s health and increases stamina. Having coached in sports helps developing obedience, patience, and social skills. Sports not only benefits physical health but works on emotional fitness as well.

The Need for the Balance between Sports and Academics

There is no doubt that sports enhance physical and mental abilities, but excessive involvement in sport and avoiding academics can restrict you as well. Therefore, the balance between both things is important. Being actively involved in sports relaxes students from their burden of studies and lessens the exam stress. At the same time, academics help in pursuing a career and remain a great supporting pillar.

Educating students in sports increases the reasoning power and increases concentration. Even though sports have immense benefits, ignoring academics for this is not a wise option. Remember that in sports, there can be hits as well as misses, but good educational support can provide you a good lifestyle apart from sports. So, students should give equal importance to both sports and education and should maintain a proper balance to outshine in both areas.

Best Ways in which One Can balance Sports and Academics

1. Planning and Prioritising:

Think about what interests you the most and which one is important to you. If you have more inclination towards sports, then decide to leave all activities like watching TV or engaging in phones for a later time. First, finish your important work like sports and studies, then go for watching TV or engaging in smartphones if the time is available. In this way, you will create a pattern of rewarding yourself after sticking to the schedule. This will further help you in enjoying the task of achieving things on time. Moreover, you will learn to prioritize things from the very beginning.

2. Prepare a Timetable:

With the completion of demands placed on your time, begin with preparing a timetable accordingly. Plan out your school time, playing sports and practice time, and also a time of traveling to and from your school, and time of travel to and from sports practices or events. These are the times that are known to you. If you calculate your entire known time, then there will be remaining time which you can divide for homework, sleep, and everything else.

3. Plan your week or month:

Go through your calendar and notice when you have any projects due or exams and games or practices scheduled. Plan out the time you will require for study and the way you will do it. Stick to your plan, and you will see great results.

4. Avoid time wasters:

While following your planning, always remember to avoid wasting your valuable time. With the advent of technology, now everyone has smartphones and gadgets that provide you entertainment. However, these things can distract you a lot from your goal and become a huge obstruction in your path. Do not waste time; instead, you can first complete your essential activities, then give yourself some time to relax.

5. Do not Consider Sports as Work:

Sports is not something that you should categorize as work. It is a source of entertainment and is a relaxation from your studies. It is something that enhances your body, mind, and soul while keeping it in sync. Do not think that sports are work. Instead, start enjoying the process, start liking it, and you will find a way to balance it along with academics.

6. Stop Procrastinating:

Complete your homework and assignments as soon as you get them. If you delay them to the last minute, it will cause you problems. Poor planning and waiting for the last minute will lead to missed practices or games. It will also result in piling of studies, and this, in turn, will elevate your stress.

7. Remember Your Purpose:

Keep reminding yourself of the need for this or the purpose of it. You are not investing time on this without any purpose. Remembering it will keep you motivated for a long time. It will provide you a sense of accomplishment when you fulfill your goals.


Balancing sports along with studies will not become a problem if you properly manage to ignore distraction and focus on the efficient utilization of time. The balance between sports and studies will contribute more to your life than these distractions. Follow the ways to make a good balance between sports and academics.

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