Effective Ways to prepare for SAT in Singapore

Effective Ways to prepare for SAT in Singapore

SAT, The Scholastic Assessment Test is the common entrance exam for all USuniversities. They are rated as A levels for the US. In Singapore since SMU emulates the US university system, it also allows admission using SAT results. Singapore offers the most effective and reliable preparation services for SAT examinations. There are many private companies, coaching classes and tutors in Singapore which offer coaching for SAT exams. Since many students want to study abroad and especially in top colleges of the US, SAT exams are given much importance in Singapore. SAT Singapore preparatory programs are crucial to ensure your child is well-equipped to take an important SAT test to get admission in top US College.

Ways to prepare for SAT exams

  • One can prepare for SAT by using some prep books. Use the official SAT study guide to begin with. Use various types of books, journals and textbooks from different publications. One can also go to tutors or coaching classes which will provide you the entire material required for the exams and train you for SAT exams.

  • Practice as much as possible as SAT examinations are of high standards and you need to study very hard for it. Practice solving prep papers as it will train you for the examination. Sitting of 3 hours 45 minutes is mentally and physically tough so you need to train yourself and practice accordingly.

  • It is important to be well aware about the format of SAT tests. The questions asked in this test is in ascending order of difficulty and the most difficult questions are at back. So don’t spend same amount of time on every question.

  • Reading is extremely important for SAT tests. Try to read articles, newspapers, paragraphs of well known authors. This help you to go through passages in the test easily.

  • Try to increase your vocabulary as some of the words in SAT are never heard of. Improve your grammar, punctuations and phrases. Practice writing long essays as it will improve your writing skills.

  • Keep your focus and work hard on mathematics. Try to learn all the geometry formulas and remember it. These formulas will save great amount of time in the paper. Familiarize yourself with mathematical shortcuts. Remember every trick counts.

  • Most of the questions in SAT exams are multiple choice questions so practice loads of MCQS. Don’t leave any of the questions even if you don’t know the answer.

Format for SAT Exams

The SAT exam is of 3 hours 45 minutes and it consists of four parts i.e. Reading, Writing, Math and Essay. The math part consists of two types with calculator and without calculator. The SAT is administered at schools and sites of Singapore. Students are allowed to appear for the test as many times they want and most of the universities accept the highest score. No marks are deducted for incorrect questions i.e. there is no negative marks. The sections are quite longer than before and you need to pace and time yourpaper effectively. The essay part is considered to be the toughest part as the topics are quite hard and very little time is given to write the essay. The Math test will mainly focus on the following three areas: Algebra, Problem solving and data analysis, and advanced math.


Many students in Singapore have a dream of studying in top universities of US and the SAT tests is the way to go forward for them. These tests require thorough preparation and if you get very high scores you will get admission in one of the best universities of the world. So appear for SAT exams and make your dreams come true.


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