Employing Online Tutors: Advantages and Disadvantages

Employing Online Tutors: Advantages and Disadvantages


For seeking academic assistance outside the classroom, tutoring is a viable option. With the rise of internet, today’s tutoring profession has witnessed serious changes. A new group of tutor has emerged because of the internet-they are known as online tutors. But, many parents still have a confusion: whether an online option is right for their child’s learning.However, online tutors are also highly qualified as the regular teachers and they can help the students similarly. Moreover, the students can connect with the online teachers anytime from wherever they can access the internet. Before you decide anything, take time to study the advantages of online tutoring. It may help you to make a suitable choice. Here are some of the advantages of online tutoring:Flexible schedulesWith online tutoring, learning can be a flexible process. It can happen anytime. The flexibility also enables you to access answers whenever any questions come up in students’ minds. Today a child is busy with studies and extra-curricular activities. If they have to make time adjustments for tutors, it becomes tough for them. Online tutors easily fit within the child’s busy schedules. Say if your son has to attend soccer practice every evening and cannot sit for doing homework until it is 7:30 pm, it becomes difficult to access any traditional tutor at that time.However, an online tutor will be there to help you out with the difficult maths assignment even at that time. The online tutors also save the time of the parents or children to commute. Since the students do not have to go somewhere to learn at a particular time, they have much flexibility.Teaching aidsThere are a variety of tools to match with every type of learning style. Text chat, Skype, shared files, shared whiteboards, instant-messenger, and graphing tools are only some of them. The tutors can customize their approaches as per the requirements of the child and their style of learning. Most of the teachers, however, prefer Skype- with whiteboard and shared screen.Empowering techniquesStudents who take assistance from the online tutors develop a habit of questioning. They ask more questions in class. They learn to utilize different kinds of software and computer tools. They are also very technology savvy.Primarily many students and their parents are not comfortable with the matter that they are learning from a virtual teacher. With time they become habituated with the online teachers. However, there are certain limitations of online tutoring as well.  You should also consider these points before making a final decision.Internet connectionInternet connection is the vital part when you want to take the assistance of online tutors. Without strong internet connection, the students will not be able to download Skype. It will be impossible for the tutors to convey information.Nature of studentsCertain students are introvert. They hardly share their problems or come up questions that they face during study. As the online tutors are not into face to face communication, it becomes difficult for them to recognize the drawbacks of such students and provide solutions.There are also certain groups of students who do not like to study. Online tutors hardly can motivate them and make them learn their lesson.DemonstrationIt becomes difficult to demonstrate some calculations and graphical representations on Skype. Problems that require long calculation often cannot be illustrated using a Skype’s white board.However, with the huge proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices, online tuition will soon become a common practice. If you discuss, the online tutors will be able to suggest remedies for other limitations as well. Finding a great tutor online will not be difficult. If you face problem adopting with a certain virtual teacher, do not hesitate to see the other available tutor options. However, a student has to be pro-active while taking help from the online tutors. They have to share their problems and ask questions whenever faced with a difficulty.Image courtesy: joanakompa.com


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