Exam Stress Can Be Reduced Through Animal-assisted Therapy

Exam Stress Can Be Reduced Through Animal-assisted Therapy

"Until one has loved a dog, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

Ever wondered how the pet in your home can be the solution for all your stress and anxiety? The fear of failure before an examination makes the brightest of the students shiver with stress.

There has been an increase in examination stress due to the expansion of the curriculum. The nervousness causes the students to go into depression and perform poorly in the tests. The anxiety of the students before exams has been a constant concern for teachers, parents and other educators. Thankfully, the solution for the concern is easily accessible.

Animals, especially dogs and cats, can help to alleviate depression, deal with stress hormones and curb down the level of anxiety. This process is commonly known as the Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT).

As the exam season comes nearby, the pressure upon the shoulders of the student's increases. The stress level becomes palpable as the kids whoosh through the pages of the book. In times such as this, petting is the most convenient solution.

How AAT works?

Petting is the best kind of stress buster for students, studying at any level. Scratching the back of your dogs head, listening to birds chirping or even watching your pet hamster run on the wheel can make one calm and happier.

Studies have shown that playing with your pet or just being surrounded by them reduces the heart rate and blood pressure to a more relaxed state. Gently brushing the hair of your dog with your hands during periods of stress can help release the happy hormones in your body. Dorpines, also called the happy hormones, are the feel good and happiness filled hormones which reduce stress level when released.

Students are less likely to feel stressed out if they spend time with their pets during the exam period. Even if one doesn't have a pet, they can visit a canine or can simply visit a friend's house that has a pet. This way they are more likely to feel energized, optimistic and less preoccupied with the exam worries.

Why is Animal Therapy the best stress relief for students?

They help students relax more

As weird as it may seem, even gently patting a duck can make one calm and composed. Having a relaxed state of mind during the exam season is of utmost importance. Achieving that state of calmness is the hard to part to attain. Animal Therapy is the most unusual yet successful way to be more relaxed during exam time. Kids can give their pets a therapeutic message from their head to tail (be careful with the neck!). This way it will release the feel-good hormones and make them feel much more relaxed.

They listen unlike humans

Animals are the most amazing creature as they never criticize nor do they ever spill secrets to others. From rabbits to dogs, animals are the most therapeutic. Kids are often subdued and keep their problems to themselves. They do not share their exam worries to the family members but are more free to talk with animals surprisingly. Students need that someone to talk to during the exam season and there is no better friend to them than animals. This, in turn, makes them feel lighter and happier.

It clears their head and helps them perform better in exams

With the academic pressure, students tend to get a more tunneled vision. That view is broadened when they spend a few minutes with therapy animals. They clear the head of the student within a span of minutes with their infectious energy. This helps to increase the oxytocin of the students which in turn reduces the stress level. Anxiety, stress and other pre-exam worries can be the cause of poor academic performances. This is reverted through Animal Assisted Therapy.

Animals are the most lovable living beings and using their assistance as a form of therapy for students is a great thought. Kids stressed out and scared with their exams should make time for petting. Playing with your dog for 5 minutes, scratching the stomach of a cat or simply watching a pet spider crawl, can help one remove stress and anxiety and concentrate solely on the exams.


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