Few Effective Ways of Providing Feedback to Students

Few Effective Ways of Providing Feedback to Students

Do you wish to improve the learning capacities of your students? To make your teaching sessions effective, it is vital that you should offer a positive and neutral feedback to your students. By definition, feedback is any kind of response from the teacher regarding performance as well as behavior of students. And the goal of offering feedback is to enhance the students’ performance and not to dampen their spirit by any means. Even if you are giving negative you must present it in a way that should discourage your students at any cost. Here are a few tips that you should follow to offer effective feedback to your students.

Always offer feedback to educate your students Offering feedback signifies providing all the students proper explanation of what they are exactly doing. Make sure that focus of your feedback must be based on what these students are doing at the present moment. The best idea is to provide explanation as well as example to emphasize what is correct as well as incorrect about a particular work.

Become sensitive to individual requirements of your students

Do not forget to consider each and every student individually while offering feedback. A classroom comprises multiple learners and few students also need to handle in sensitive way so that they do not feel discouraged and their self-esteem is not damaged. A perfect balance between not hurting the feelings of students and offering proper encouragement is necessary. Giving feedback to students seem to be one of the important teaching strategies in the present times.

Ask four relevant questions to your students

Most students wish to know about their progress in study. Therefore offering answers to four important questions will offer you valuable feedback. These four questions include:

What the students can do?

What the students can’t do?

How does the work of the students compare with that of other students?

How can student improve their performance?

Feedback should relate to a specific set of skills or knowledge

Use rubrics as an effective tool for teaching. Rubric is a special instrument used to communicate important information and objected related to assignment. Successful rubrics offer the students specific information about their own performance, compared to standards already being established.

Host face-to face conference

Offering face-to-face meeting with the students is one of the best ways of offering valuable feedback. All the students may look forward to offer valuable feedback. All the students may look forward to get the attention and offers the scope to ask relevant questions. One to one conference is quite optimistic and allows the students to look forward to next meeting. Like other facets of teaching, this type of teaching strategy also calls for perfect time management. Meet each and every student are working in an independent way. Make sure that you meet the students in more than ten minutes.

Feedback should be offered verbally, non-verbally or even in written form

Make sure that you keep your anger in check. Make use of body language for effective communication. Facial expressions as well as gestures deliver proper feedback. When you hand over your English paper, you must not scowl by any means.

Make use of ‘Post-It’ notes

Seeing comment written out is more effective than hearing it aloud. While working independently, try to write comments of feedback on post-it notes. Place note on your student’s desk the feedback you wish to convey to the students. Instead of pinpointing a student’s fault in front of others in class, this method of offering feedback in notes seem to really work best for the students.

Offer genuine praise

Most students can easily figure out teachers who use meaningless praises in order to win their favor. If you constantly praise your students, then after a certain point of time these praises become meaningless. As a proficient tutor, you must be wise and know how to praise your students. When you are about the recent achievement of your students, you should go beyond and encourage them by all possible means.

If you wish, you can also make telephone calls to the students’ parents and let them know how excited you are with the behavior of their kids’ performance. Comments as well as suggestions along with authentic feedback must be focused and should be based on the assessment of what the students can achieve and also has the capacity to achieve.

Learn about the tricks to offer effective feedback to your students and help them to improve their performance in examination.

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