Few Ideas to Improve Chemistry Scores

Few Ideas to Improve Chemistry Scores


Studying chemistry is quite stressful. There is hardly any magic formula to pass in chemistry and you can at any time develop a wonderful strategy for the purpose. Whether you are in high school, college or in the middle school, these easy and simple tips can allow you to be on right track. The basic tip is to study diligently, complete your paper on work and not to panic during examination. Here are a few more tips that a student can follow to improve his or her chemistry scores.

Prepare well before examination

Chemistry is not a difficult subject to grasp if you are learning essential mathematical skills at the same time. Make sure that you should be familiar with scientific notation, writing or solving algebraic equations, fractions or logarithms before you start preparing for your chemistry paper. This basic knowledge of mathematics will definitely help you to pass your chemistry examination.

Attend Classes on a Regular Basis

Attending chemistry classes is necessary. It helps you to get better exposure to subject and it is partly about gaining trust of your instructor at the same time. If your teacher feels that you are putting your best effort to improve your scores, then you can easily draw his or her attention. Do not be late for the class. Most instructors review the concepts in the beginning of class, often discussing about the test questions and also emphasizing the problems that seemed to be difficult for most of the students. Sit in the front that helps you to concentrate better during lecture session. It also helps you to grasp the subject better. On the other hand, if you sit in the back rows you may have the tendency to lose your concentration.

Identify your Mistakes

Do not leave anything for the last moment. Leaving the laboratory assignment for the last moment or mugging up the important lessons the night before is not expected. The ideal concept is to do your revision and sleep early. To remain in fresh mind and in good health are necessary before you sit for the examination.

Make use of a highlighter

One of the vital tips is to use a highlighter judiciously. The main objective is just not to color your book or your notes in fluorescent color. In many text books, important concepts or texts are already being typed in bold fonts. While teaching, most teachers discuss about the important concepts, questions and other things for the benefit of the students. You must always take note of these things and highlight them with marker pen or any other highlighter.

Use Mnemonics

What you need to do is to take first letters of the important words in a good sequence. The reason is that it helps you to memorize as well as make a phrase from them to serve as your memory aid. A complete and easy to remember phrase will help you to learn a long periodic table easily.

Another famous mnemonic device is to make use of metric prefixes. Are you facing difficulty to remember the proper sequence of Kiloliter or Kilogram to Milliliter or Milligram? Make use of phrases that are easy to memorize.

Work out the problems

Go through the solved problems in the chemistry text book. Just going through these solved examples is not adequate. It does not mean that you can understand the best ways to apply formula when wording or other conditions change. Read it again and again and try to clear your basics first.

Give your test properly

Before you start answering the questions it is vital that you read the question papers thoroughly. You should scan the whole test paper to identify which questions can help you score more points. You should always prioritize all the high-point queries and ensure that you have done them all.

Review your paper at the end

Check if you have answered all the questions. Out of anxiety and tension students often leave out questions and lose marks unnecessarily. Plus, you should also go through the answers at a glance and see if they at all make sense. While writing you may overlook few things and that is why, a thorough revision is vital to pass chemistry examination with flying colors.

Learn about the essential chemistry tips and improve your chemistry scores like never before.


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