Filipino Scholars to bring back lessons from Japanese Education System

Filipino Scholars to bring back lessons from Japanese Education System

 JDS has invited three promising young Filipino scholars from different government agencies in the Philippines to take inspiration and learn from the Japanese work ethic and governance system. Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship have chosen Mae Richelle Belmes (Commission on Elections), Rafael Guerrero (Department of Budget and Management) and Genevieve Gamueta (City Government of Davao) to participate in the rewarding JDS scholarship program.

Japan International Cooperation Agency Chief Representative in the Philippines Yoshio Wada said in a statement distributed on Thursday that they like to encourage the recipients of the scholarship in and give back to their country by contributing to their respective government agencies. The JDS program is among the assistance of JICA to develop leaders from various fields and thus to contribute to human resource development of partner countries.

JICA stated that the three scholars left in 2017 and 2018 for their studies in Japan under the JDS program. This will support the Philippines’ human resource development efforts and enhance growth towards nation building.

The three scholars claimed that the program gave them opportunities to learn from the Japanese work ethic. It also taught them how to focus and learn to pay attention to detail while designing and implementing programs for their citizens.

So far, more than 300 Filipinos have received the JDS scholarship. The inception of this program happened in 1999.

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