Struggling to find a suitable tutor in Indonesia? We can help!

Struggling to find a suitable tutor in Indonesia? We can help!

Tutors or tutorial institutes are people and places you turn to, when studies start going out of hands.

Schools have so much to teach within a short span of time, that they fail to go in-depth. Not every student can do with the amount of studying at school, and even parents fail to match the level of higher studies.


So how to look for a suitable tutor?

      1.  Understanding what you child needs

If you haven’t figured out that your child has been deteriorating till his results, you must immediately take up the concern and do what you can do to help him improve.

Ask your child about classes, difficulty in studying, and their preferences. Ask them which subject they would choose over the rest and the ones that they are not being able to do well in. you need to know if they have subjects that they don’t like, and then you would figure out that they have been avoiding it.

     2.  Knowing how many tutors you need

Once you know the subjects your child needs help in, you need to know if there are tutors who teach more than one subject. If your child is weak in only one subject, then it could be easy to get a tutor. However, being weak in distinct subjects might mean needing more than one tutor.

      3.  Testing for learning disability

Sometimes, you could need a tutor who could ease learning disability in your child. If a school teacher has identified the possible problems or conditions your child is facing, and he thinks that the child need screening, you might have to get a tutor who could improving the child’s learning process.

You need a specially trained tutor who can solve this problem and also help your child study. With a proper notice, the non-specialists might be successful for the one-on-settings. You must not hide your child’s need in front of tutors. They need to know how they can work on the children to help them improve.

      4.  Matching the tutor-student relationship

Tutor Student

If you feel that your child would in uncooperative, you need an experienced tutor. Students that are more disciplined with their work would like enthusiastic tutors who are prompt and positive. Students, who like challenges, would want their tutor to give them tasks that build their confidence, and more.

You know your child the best, so you need to look for someone that would suit him.

Where to find a tutor?

Find a Tutor

      1.  Check school settings

Once you know what your child needs, you need to find ways to get the right tutor. The first place you should check is your child’s school. Many school give tutorial services and sometimes subject teachers become tutors and work overtime. This helps them switch roles and get deeper into the subject for students who need special attention.

      2.  Check tutorial listings on LearnPick

From History to Physics and everything in between, LearnPick covers them all. Explore thousands of tutor profiles and reviews from users just like you to find your next great tutor at just the tap of a button.

      3.  Interact with fellow parents

After a certain age, most kids are put in tutorial institutes. It is wise to ask other parents and know where they put their kids to study. These could be good options as you would get honest and reliable reviews. You might also get recommended names of tutors and their contact, for easing out the process.

      4.  Institutes

There are several tutorial institutes where children are taught in batches. These are quite reliable and reputed. However, it becomes more like a school where you child won’t get personal attention.

You need to figure out the setting that would make your child more comfortable. You should not opt for something that just worsens his self-esteem and he feels more incompetent. Students need care and that is not just in terms of studying but also how they are looked up on, behaved with, and helped.


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