Find out about Kuwait Scholarships

Find out about Kuwait Scholarships

Studying your favorite course in Kuwait and be successful in the professional world is not a matter of joke. Any higher and specialized educational courses require lots of funds to be invested. It’s not possible for every student to bear the whole cost.

The excellent news renders that options of academic scholarships are available. National and international scholarships, college and university grants, federal funding, free scholarships, other forms of financial aids help the talented students to make their dreams come true.

An aspirant can apply for the university scholarships that encompass valuable funding for the high school pupils, collegiate, scholarships for the graduate schools, postgraduate courses, etc.

Even professional degrees like engineering, business, and management, medical, law, arts, sports, music also offer the facility of scholarship to the students in Kuwait.

Accumulating the list of scholarships available for the students studying in Kuwait:

Fully Funded Technology Scholarship

Every student can apply. It is completely funded.

Edoofa Scholarship Program

It helps the deserving students to receive the scholarship. It provides them the opportunities for part-time online income and internships. The authorities stay with them throughout the academic years.

The students must possess authentic relative transcript and the original certificates. For more information, click on

GUST Graduate Scholarship at Gulf University for Science & Technology in Kuwait (2018)

The scholarship is fully funded. It is for the Masters and Ph.D. programmes. It is exclusively for the Kuwaiti learners.


ICGEB Research Grants for Member States

ICGEB or The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology offers grants to the students for undertaking the research projects in human healthcare, basic science, bioenergy, agricultural and industrial biotechnology. Students from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, and other member states of ICGEB can avail the grant.


Think Big Scholarship, 2018

The University of Bristol has launched the new scheme. For the international applicants, 52 scholarships are available for the undergraduate and the postgraduate programmes. Students can contact the team of Scholarships and Sponsors.


Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship Program (MOHE)

There are more than 15,000 Kuwait students who are presently studying in the US avails the Kuwait government scholarship program. It aims at fostering closer links between different countries, render cultural and knowledge exchange. The Kuwaiti students can study in several study fields propounded abroad. The Diploma and equivalent certificated holders of Kuwait are eligible for it and pursue undergraduate courses and English Language Studies (1 year).


University of Birmingham

The university offers an array of part-fee scholarships for the international students including Kuwaitis. The graduate and postgraduate courses can be pursued.


Civil service Commission Department

Kuwait Civil Service Commission along with other agencies sponsors the trainees, scholars and the employees for undertaking higher education in Canada and the U.S.


GUST Summer Scholarship Program to UMSL & FIU

It is established and financed for rewarding the brilliant GUST students with the chance for academic and personal benefits through international studies. In the present, GUST has collaboration agreements with a couple of internationally recognized educational organizations in the US for the exchanges of the pupils.


Scholarships and Discounts by the University of Liverpool

The students can avail the International Scholarships based on the fee status.

Note: A learner paying EU fees is not accepted as an international student and may not avail these scholarships.


The Ministry of Education of Kuwait sponsors the study abroad scholarships since the early 1950s. It started with the offering of sponsorship to the adjacent countries like Lebanon and Egypt. It went on expanding to other countries like Canada, US, China, France, etc. the scholarships encompass book costs, full tuition, and living expenses. The universities are required to be a valid part of the approved list of the Ministry for recruiting Kuwaiti students. They also have to offer designated accredited majors. If the organizations wish to attract Kuwait’s students, they have to offer an Intensive English Program.

If you are confident to avail the scholarships and wish to pursue your higher studies with the money funded by the government, universities and other sources, you must study hard to achieve the marks needed to be eligible for the funds.


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