Five Effective Tips for High School Exam Preparation

Five Effective Tips for High School Exam Preparation

Board exams play a crucial role in shaping the future career of a student. The grades which a student secures reflect which stream of academic field they will choose further. It essentially shapes the future prospects for the students. However, it has been observed that the moment board examination approaches, many of them start panicking about the huge syllabus, preparation and revision and ultimate for the results of the exam. Students get nervous and start searching for ways to release their paranoia.

If your 10th board exam is only a few months away, do not panic. Instead maintain the flow of learning and increase the overall efficiency by following a few important tips. These tips will help you to overcome all your fear and make you stay calm and relax before assessment.

Be aware of the syllabus

It has been observed that many students are rarely aware of their board syllabus. They tend to follow the guidance of the teachers throughout. However, when it is a matter of board exam, you should be thoroughly aware of the content and the syllabus which can be easily downloaded from the board website. Such awareness will help you check on the study courses and accordingly schedule the learning and revision in an effective manner.

Plan your study smartly

Make sure you give equal amount of time to each of the subjects based on the vastness of the syllabus and your proficiency. The planning should be such that each chapter and each topic should be given equal importance. One of the best tricks to plan smartly is to start preparing your studies in the reverse order. Start preparing first for the last exam so that you can start preparing for the first exam about 2 weeks before the date. However, you need to set realistic target for the study.

Additionally, it is also important to check on the studying environment for study. Your study area should be far away and free from any sorts of gadgets, television, mobile, computer or games which can definitely distract your concentration.

Time management

Do not plan to study for the whole day or night. As it is rightly said ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’.  Studying in the early morning is the best time as you feel fresh and more energetic in the morning. After a sound sleep       , your mind is in a better state to grasp what you learn. Time management is crucial for productive learning. Every topic and subject should be given appropriate amount of time. As practice is very important for an exam preparation, you need to give time for revision work. It is not possible to remember something for a very long time without revision. You should at least give two days to each

Stress and allow you to stay composed and comfortable.

The right way to learn and revise

It is important to develop a conceptual understanding of the subject you are learning. Do not cramp down the syllabus without understanding it as in case the question appears in the examination in some other form, it might be difficult for you to understand it at that point in time. If the basic of the syllabus is clear in your mind, you will be able to solve any given problems with minimal effort. Preparing notes and practicing problems by writing them down instead of verbally learning them is the best way to understand the course. The best practice however is to solve 10 past year’s sample papers to get an idea of the question pattern and the popular questions. Moreover, never ignore your weak subjects. Ignoring them can lead to dramatic fall in the aggregate percentage of the grade.

It is always a good idea to study in a group once a week. It will help you to get all your doubts clarified by your friends and solve particular questions you find difficult to solve. Most importantly, avoid last minute preparation; do not leave things for the end. This can create unnecessary pressure on you and affect your examination.

Take a good care of your health

The majority of the students end up feeling sick and depressed due to pressure, improper diet and lack of sleep. Make sure you have at least 7 hours of sleep every day and have 4 healthy meals each day. Avoid greasy and fast foods as much as possible and indulge in a healthy dietary schedule. Try not to overeat as that might decrease your grasping power and make you feel lethargic all the while.

A healthy lifestyle before the examination will also help to boost your self-confidence and improve you performance. Believe in your abilities to study any topic and solve questions with any variety.

Securing a meritorious position in your 10th board exam will determine your next best college or university.


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