Gaming Apps that Make Education More Interesting

Gaming Apps that Make Education More Interesting

Our life has totally become digital. Shopping, ordering food, booking cabs, getting groceries, banking and what not. As our life becomes faster, we need to juggle multiple things at the same time. A digital life is also a global life, as it connects us worldwide.

The sector of education has seen phenomenal changes in the digital space. Classrooms have become virtual and education is possible from anywhere in the world via online platforms.

With the advent of smartphones and iPads, education has been facilitated via apps which are smartly crafted to cater personalised requirements. If you wish to enhance your GK, practice a specific subject, revise or take part in online tutorials, pursue an online certification program, there is everything that you may seek.

Institutions are developing their own apps to keep their students up to date with their homework and activities. Teachers connect to a student and solve their queries and issues online. Examinations are also given online.

Gone are those days when getting smartphones and tablets to schools were a complete no-no. Apps have modified the way we learn and grow.

Kahoot is a very popular app for teachers and students. It’s a digital alternative to quizzing. Enlist your questions and the students who press the buzzer first gets to answer. It’s a faster and easier way to responsiveness among students.

Remind 101 is revolutionising the way a teacher and a parent can keep a tab on a child’s progress and discuss their concerns. It enables parents to be updated. Group chat connects different parents and make sure they collaborate and comment.

Math Ninja is quite popular among young kids. It is a fun gaming app which keeps kid engrossed and practice basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions. Ninja as a character is quite a favourite among many kids and has been immensely popular ever since the dawn of Ninja Turtles. The Math Ninja app is a perfect example of how an app stimulates interest among kids and make a dreaded subject like mathematics interesting by entwining it with an icon like Ninja. Another good example would be Motion Math, Pizza, where, kids get to brush up their mathematics skills by running their own Pizzeria. They need to buy ingredients and run the store. Pizza is a favourite amongst most kids and by combining pizza with mathematics the app makers have been successful to captivate a child’s interest.

Eddy’s Number Party, apt for pre-schoolers., DragonBox, for a beginner in algebra, Slice Fractions which brushes up a kid’s knowledge on fractions are few of the most popular mathematic apps. From to 2 to 22, there is something for everyone.

If you have a preschool kid then Elmo Loves ABCs is an app you can try. The app has nursery rhymes and helps them children learn to recognise alphabets, colours and shapes. You might also like apps such as Busy Shapes, Cookie Monster’s Challenge and Beck and Bo, which will make your toddler ready for school.

Hangman which is an old game mostly played manually among friends, has got a new digital life and is quite popular among kids of all age. Stack the Countries, is another educational app which brushes up your kid’s knowledge of geography and is challenging enough to keep them engaged so they may learn from it.

Gaming apps definitely is a good activity and a better alternative to keep children busy and engaged instead of making them watch TV or play video games. The attention span of using an app is however quite limited as kids get bored easily and seek variety. So gaming apps cannot completely replace traditional methodologies of education. However, it is also a good choice to keep babysitters engaged with the kids, instead of making them watch cartoons and Netflix.


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