Use tutoring service to get good grades in Junior College

Use tutoring service to get good grades in Junior College

After completing their studies in the secondary schools, students are now facing several choices in their life and will have to make the decision on which school to enrol to. Polytechnic and junior college are some of the options available in Singapore. Students who are bound to choose junior college as their next education platform will have to go through a two-year academic journey and start to prepare themselves to enter a university. Junior college in Singapore demands excellent results from its prospective students and is meant to provide an easier entrance into university.

Since it gives more university-entrance assurances to its students, the academic standard is not something to be taken lightly. Life in a junior college can be quite hectic and stressful due to the constraint of time, abundance of paperwork, quizzes, assignments and tests. If students would like to ensure graduation with a flying colour, they will need to take junior college seriously from early on and keep up with all the schoolwork. If it happens to be too tricky, perhaps students would want to consider opting for tutoring service that is widely available in Singapore.

If you’re a junior college student, let us together see how tutoring can help you to get good grades in junior college.

Keep up with the subjects in junior college

In order to prepare yourself for Cambridge GCE’s Advanced Level examination, you want to always keep yourself up-to-date with the lessons taught by your lecturers. The learning method used in a junior college is a bit different that the one being used in a secondary school. Lecturers will not spoon-feed you with all the materials and paper notes. You are responsible to jot down all the notes during lectures and are expected to finish up all the assignments assigned to you every single week. Since the subjects are getting more and more advanced and junior college requires you to be more independent, you can use tutoring service as your academic saviour. You may ask for your tutor’s assistance to help you to keep up (or better yet, keep yourself way ahead!) with all the lessons and workloads.

Keep the Continual Assessment (CA) result high

In junior college, your works will be regularly assessed. Therefore, you must not take the quizzes and tests nonchalantly. All the marks obtained from all the minor tests will be accumulated and assigned as a Continual Assessment (CA) mark. Since the quizzes and small tests will be held on weekly basis, you may seek the help of your tutor to keep you consistent throughout your studies in the junior college. Your tutor can act as your secondary lecturer and go through with you all the necessary lessons. If you can keep your test results above the standard rate throughout your studies, it is not impossible for you to attain an excellent Continual Assessment mark by the end of the school year!

Have teaching assistance for difficult subjects in junior college

All junior college students are allowed to select their own subjects. The students may design their own subject modules, depending on the program that they would like to enter in the university later on. Some of the subjects that can be taken in a junior college are:

  • Mother-tongue Languages
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Literature in English

Since all subjects offered in junior college are of a higher standard, students might find some of them to be too advanced and might fall behind when it comes to assignments, quizzes and exams. A tutor is what they can use in order to solve this problem. If you are having a difficulty in scoring the Physics or Organic Chemistry examinations, you may choose to hire a Physics tutor or Chemistry tutor to help you pick up your pace and speed up your mastering process. Since most tutors are experienced teachers, they will be able to identify your weak points and help you to master those weaknesses. Your tutor may also provide extra learning resources that will complement all the lecture notes and exercises that you have been receiving in school. By tackling your weaknesses, you will be able to rise up and take control of your studies.

Have an academic mentor in junior college

Besides than being your teaching assistance, your tutor may also act as your personal mentor. He can share with you the tips of surviving junior college. Not only will he share with you those beneficial study tips, he will also lend you his attentive ears and be your leaning shoulder. In any case where you feel down and unmotivated, he can help to bring back your learning spirit and motivate you to keep trying and excelling in your studies. It is true that the life in the junior college can be rather hard and challenging, but if you have a mentor by your side, you can ensure yourself to receive the much-needed help and motivation to keep going until you graduate successfully from the junior college school!

Life in junior college can be one of the best moments in your life! Enter it with confidence and absorb all the knowledge and experiences that come in your way. In case you hit a bumpy road in the middle of your academic journey, feel free to turn to tutoring service and quickly get the much-needed help. With much dedication, hard work and assistance from your tutor, it is not impossible for you to graduate from junior college with good grades!


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