Government to spend Bt10 million to study the labour market needs

Government to spend Bt10 million to study the labour market needs

The government will spend Bt10 million on a study to pinpoint the labour market’s needs. Motive is to boost employment and find a way to help youngsters choose a suitable career path.

Education Minister, Mr Teerakiat Jareonsettasin has had discussions with the Thailand Development Research Institute(TDRI). The idea is to do a survey on the labour market demand which will be sponsored by the .ministry via the Office for Educational Technology Development Fund.

The survey will look into the employment sector so that educational institutes can adapt their training accordingly.

TDRI has already conducted an initial study, which will be handed over by Teerakiat to related agencies so they can later pass on to students.

 He also said that students will be better equipped to plan their future careers and teachers will be able to prepare related lessons. 

 Office of Basic Education Commission (Obec) Chief, Boonrak Yodphetch said his agency will benefit the most from this TDRI study, as secondary students will be better aware about what jobs are high in demand and what skills are needed to pursue the jobs they want. 

 Knowledge from this study will be passed on to educational service area offices, school directors as well as to vocational guidance and classroom teachers.

Boonrak said that the TDRI findings so far shows that one fourth of jobs up for grabs no longer asked about educational background, but require job experience and skills.

 He also added that the ministry has also assigned Obec to see if any skill-boosting short-term training courses can be provided to secondary students. This will help them better to choose part-time jobs during school vacations and better land on their feet after graduation.

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