GRE Preparation Tips for You

GRE Preparation Tips for You

Graduate Records Examination (GRE) is taken by over 700,000 students from all over the world aspiring to enroll in a reputed international university or business school. The test is "computer-adaptive", which means that the difficulty level of the next 20 questions increase or decrease based on your answer to the 1st 20 questions.

This test is divided into sections of critical thinking, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing skills and tests your individual performance on these parameters acquired over the course of your studies. So, it goes without saying that sustained preparation is required to score highly in this exam. Read on for some tips on GRE success.

Revisit Basic Concepts

The years of specialized learning in college often makes us forget the basic concepts taught to us in school. In GRE’s quantitative section, the problems are based on mathematical concepts taught to us during school education. So, it is a good idea to re-visit high school mathematics before taking GRE; trigonometry and algebra are the subjects you may focus on specifically. Consider referring some basic course guide books on arithmetic for assistance during the preparation.

Take a Preparation Course

For a more focused and technically sound approach towards achieving a high score in GRE, joining a Preparation Course may be a good idea. GRE Tests are specifically designed to test the capabilities of a graduate student, so having high college and school grades may not be enough. The critical thinking required under high pressure needs to be developed and professional guidance may help a lot in this regard.

Take a Mock GRE Test

The best way to test your preparation for GRE is to appear in a mock test approximating the real thing in its questions, timing and structure. With a similar environment, you will go through similar emotions and be familiarized with time pressures, writing styles, your speed vis-à-vis the requisites for the actual exam. Also, attempt with the same level of preparation as you would for the original so that you get an idea of your weak area(s) and have time to work on them before appearing for the actual exam.

Attempt Multiple Times to Improve Your Score

Most universities and colleges only consider your highest scores overall and in each section when evaluating your profile for admission. While this varies from university to university, in case you think your current GRE score doesn’t reflect your true capabilities, feel free to attempt it again. The exam is conducted three times in a year in the months of February, October and November. While the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website gives access to your test scores for the last 5 years, the best ones are selected by most educational authorities.


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