Great Careers that are Interesting and Offbeat

Great Careers that are Interesting and Offbeat

Not everyone is suited to sitting in an office cubicle and staring at a computer screen for nine hours a day. Not everyone wants to become a doctor or engineer or even a lawyer or a teacher. Students’ aspirations are as different as they themselves are from each other. Although traditional careers are still considered respectable and reliable by the society around us, the fact of the matter is that students today have a plethora of choices available to them that they didn’t have before.

The best part about these choices is that they are both interesting and lucrative. Therefore, the younger generation is a lot more open to them than their predecessors. One of the main reasons behind this is that doing a medical or engineering course is a very expensive proposition – one that not everyone can afford. In addition, so many people are already taking such courses that the market has become glutted and competition is quite fierce. Under such circumstances it is only natural that youngsters turn to other fields that they find more interesting and in which they face less competition.

Here are some career options that may be off the beaten track but are interesting and earn you a good income.

Sommelier/ Wine Taster

These days a sommelier or wine taster is an integral part of the gourmet food and beverages industry. He or she is someone who doesn’t just taste the wine but can advise guests about what wine goes with which course, manages the flow of inventory, creates wine lists for food and beverages establishments based upon their target audience and has an in-depth knowledge of wine right from grape varieties to vintages to vineyards to regions and so on. In addition, a sommelier needs to train staff in how the wine should be served and presented, what the proper protocol and etiquette is and some basic knowledge about the wine itself. In other words, a good sommelier is indispensable to a wine business and takes care of everything from the wine selection to the sales and service and everything in between.

Fitness Trainer

What better way to stay fit and earn money in the process? A fitness trainer is known by many other names such as gym instructors, aerobics instructors, personal trainers, corporate trainers and clinical exercise specialists. The growing emphasis on healthy lifestyles and fitness insures that this particular career is very lucrative for anyone entering it. Fitness trainers have to train people in how to stay fit. However, it doesn’t end there. They have to plan the exercise regimen while considering the age, health issues, lifestyle and other constraints that a person might have. They should also be able to give basic information on good nutrition and health. To qualify as a fitness trainer, you need to go for a professional diploma or certificate course in one or more of these fields – yoga, sports science, naturopathy or fitness.

Pet Grooming

If you love animals but don’t want to go the bloody route of being a vet, this is a great career option for you. A pet groomer is basically a beautician for animals. He or she is someone who improves the appearance and hygiene of pets with a plethora of grooming techniques. A pet groomer will usually have to take care of dogs and cats, although sometimes they may have to take on horses and rabbits. Pets require a lot of care and their health is closely related to how well-groomed they are. As such, good pet groomers are in high demand with pet owners. The field is a challenging one since not all pets are cooperative when it comes to being groomed. In addition, a pet groomer must know everything about all aspects of grooming – from the equipment such as brushes, combs, shampoos to the methods such as bathing, styling, clipping nails, checking the pets for skin infections and so on. In fact, in many cases, groomers are the ones who first pick up on a medical problem that the pet may be having such as ear infections, ticks or fleas.



This is only a glimpse into the many interesting and offbeat careers that are available to you these days. These are career options that not only allow you to do something that you are interested in but also bring in a decent amount of cash. If you want to get away from the conventional and try something different, check out one of these career paths.


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