Great Ways Teachers Can Help Students With Maths

Great Ways Teachers Can Help Students With Maths

As we all know maths is the toughest subject for most of the students. When we ask students which is their toughest subject the general answer is maths. Since students face so much difficulties while studying maths, teachers should evolve new methods and techniques to make sure that students understand maths properly. A survey has been done in which 70% of students face difficulties in maths. This is a major problem across the world. Teachers and the management of schools are trying to new methods to ensure students study maths. To score good grades in maths a student should develop extremely good problem solving skills. They should practice solving maths problems each and every day as the only way to succeed in maths is by practicing the sums.

Ways teachers can help students to learn maths

  • Introduce topics with multiple representations. The more types of presentations you use the more likely they will truly understand the concept they are studying. Different presentations can include using manipulatives, showing pictures, symbolic representation. Modern methods like power point presentations, latest videos, E-boards, 3D graphics, etc. can be used to explain students about the difficult maths problems. Students who are exposed to and can recognize the same relationship posed in representational modes are more likely to have conceptual understanding and perform better in the assessments.

  • Solve the problem in many ways. The teacher should try to solve the problem with different methods and encourage students to solve it on their own and come up with their own creative ways to solve it. This will increase the confidence of the student and will remove a myth that it cannot solve maths problem on its own. The more strategies and approaches that students are exposed to, the deeper their understanding of the topic becomes. Having students develop their own methods and then share the correct steps with the class is a very powerful learning experience.

  • Have students communicate their reasoning. Students need to explain their reasoning and tell why they have used particular steps while solving mathematical problems. It is necessary for each student to communicate both orally and in writing. This will promote excellent engagement and learning. Provide at least one opportunity each day for students to solve and explain problems. This promotes students sense making, creativity and increases the belief that they can crack difficult math problems.

  • Start your teaching session with interesting real world problems and stories. Its good to pique curiosity with a photograph, a short video, a diagram, a joke or perhaps a graph. Instead of starting each topic with a formula, start with concrete examples of the problems that were originally solved using that math. Then help the students see how the math theory can help to solve such problems by showing them the thinking behind that solution.

  • Try to remove the thought that maths is a very difficult subject from the students mind. Try to calm the students and encourage them to solve as much problems as they can without the fear of getting wrong answer. This will remove the pressure of getting wrong answer and they will be able to solve the sums with a relaxed mind. As a teacher when you correct the papers and find wrong answers don’t shout on the student, instead explain the correct solution and mathematical theory behind that particular problem.

  • Finish the class with a summary. The final minutes might be the most critical in making sure that the students have understood the days learning objective. A quick formative assessment to determine how much was learned can be used. Reviewing the objective for the class period and brief discussion as to where the lesson will go next time. Previewing the homework together to avoid any confusion.

Children should practice maths as much as possible. It is the only and most successful way to succeed in maths. Teachers play a very important role in a subject like maths. They should teach their students the actual mathematical theories and the various methods to solve a particular sum. They should allow students to solve sums on their own instead of just copying from the board. By following all these methods, maths will become very easy to study.


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