Help Your Child Learn Chinese language Fast!

Help Your Child Learn Chinese language Fast!



Do you wish to encourage your child in learning Chinese language? If your child has less interest in Chinese language, motivating him to study the subject will be a herculean task. Here are a few tips that you may follow to allow him gain proficiency in this language.

Ask him to first learn the basic characters of Chinese

If you are trying to prepare your child for Chinese lessons in primary school, you must first know about the list of Chinese words that your child is required to know initially. This list forms the basis of their learning. And you can easily find this list from the textbook or from his teacher. You can also buy a learning book from the popular bookstore of your locality.

Try to break down all the Chinese characters into basic strokes

A fun-filled learning activity will boost up the spirit of young Chinese learners. You may print these characters on a sheet of paper as well as cut them into different strokes. Then you have to rearrange them and also request your kid to arrange the pieces properly just like any other jigsaw puzzle. Once your kid places these strokes properly, you must then teach him the ways to pronounce properly and know their meaning. You can turn this activity into a full-fledged game, just by using your timer and requiring your child to join all the characters in one minute.

Add additional strokes

When your son has learnt one character, you can then add few random strokes to jigsaw puzzle. You can incorporate this step to ensure that your kid can easily differentiate between diverse strokes and is able to identify any Chinese character easily. This type of activity is funny, yet, it also develops a strong foundation for your kid to learn news characters of Chinese language in the coming days. If you do not have enough time to develop this type of lesson for your son, then you can also take help of a private tutor. There are few exclusive applications available in the market. You must choose one application and help your kid learn the Chinese language.

Resolve the confusion in pronunciation of letters in English and Chinese languages

You kid may easily get confused with pronunciation of individual letters of English as well as Chinese language. Both these letters look similar but you must pronounce it in a different way. And this might confuses the little ones who might not have good foundation on this language. On your part, you must help him to resolve any sort of confusion in pronunciation in Chinese and English languages.Watch the News in the Chinese languageExperts believe that children can learn Chinese by watching Chinese new channel on a regular basis. Indeed it is one of the best ways of learning a language successfully. Therefore you must allow your kid to watch the Chinese news channel on a daily basis. In the beginning he may not be able to understand the meaning completely. However by watching these news as well as other television programs in the Chinese language regularly your son can recognize the subtle difference in tones and the entire grammatical structure.

Challenge their Vocabulary in the Chinese language

There is another option that you can avail to teach Chinese to your kid. You may quiz your kid in the Chinese language. Be it food, clothes or any person, you must not miss any opportunity to teach how to pronounce it in the Chinese language. He may forget the content but make sure your purpose is not to drill these things in his mind and make it a dreadful activity for him. Your goal is to turn it into a fun activity that your child will just love to participate.

Share Your Family History

By highlighting the rich history of China you can increase the interest of your child to learn the Chinese language. Tell them about the Great Wall of China, Chinese food and different aspects of Chinese history. These fascinating stories help your child to understand how this language would be quite interesting to learn.In a nutshell, Chinese language seems to be difficult to learn. However if you follow proper tips you can help your kid love this language. Learning Chinese language becomes simple and easy.


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