Help Your Kid Improve Algebra Skills

Help Your Kid Improve Algebra Skills


Replace large expression with single variable

Quite often your child can solve a long equation that usually does not call for difficult algebra skills but the whole calculation becomes difficult because of its complexity. If your child has to copy down the ugly numbers repeatedly, then it is best to ask your child to replace the numbers with simple ones. You have to remember a basic and simple technique. Teach your child to replace the expressions as well as coefficients who fail to include variable of interest (such as x) with the letter variables, then solve the sum easily.

Solve Equations by Using Substitution

Substitution is a smart way to make all the complicated algebraic equations quite simpler. In this way many students solve the difficult as well as unsolvable equations within short period of time. By using elementary algebra you can use the nasty expressions. This particular technique also is used for solving equations with the help of quadratic formula.

Teach him how to use algebraic equations

The next step is to allow your child learn the use of fractions. If your child is not feeling comfortable with algebraic calculation, you must help your child to focus on few other things that he is not familiar with so far and clear the denominators to solve the algebraic equations with fractions.

Improve your basic mathematical skills first

In order to improve the algebraic calculations, it is vital that your child should first improve his basic mathematical skills. Few students find difficulty to solve the algebra since they are not good enough to solve difficult sums on division and multiplication. Most private tutors often make use of multiplication as well as flash cards to help the students overcome this difficulty. A good tutor never allows the students to use calculator in order to solve these flash cards. He or she will always encourage students to apply their brains and reply the answers without any difficulty. From fractions to rational equations the tutor can ask students to study the flash cards. The more the children make use of flash cards, the simpler it becomes to solve more complicated equations on the paper.

Ask your child to practice lot.

Practice makes a man perfect. The more algebraic problems your child solves, the better it is for him. Regular practice can help your child to think smartly and solve problems faster. You can also prepare practice tests for your son and help him to practice the sums more and more. In due course of time he can succeed quite easily.

Do not slog

Make sure that your kid does not study for long hours. Under any circumstance he should not cram. Many people think that cramming is alright but in reality it is not a good habit to adopt. If your son has a test the following day there is possibility that he forget everything the following day. A human being is unable to remember too many things at a time. Make sure that your child studies for at least two weeks before the examination. Ask your child to study for at least thirty minutes to one hour on a daily basis.

Ask your child to assess himself properly

If your son scored badly in the previous examination you should not scold him. Instead you must encourage your son and help him to rectify his faults in all possible ways. Ask him to find his weaknesses and the reasons behind scoring poor marks in the algebra test. Once he identifies his fault ask him he to correct it as quickly as possible. In this matter you can also take help of private tutor. For example you must request him to study diligently and assess his improvement on a daily basis. Tell him to find out the things he still have to learn and take all the necessary steps to improve the scores.

Your child will score better marks in algebra if he follows the essential tips and keeps up his diligent efforts to improve your study habits.

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