7 Hi-Tech Educational Tools That are Made Specifically for Teachers

7 Hi-Tech Educational Tools That are Made Specifically for Teachers

When teachers get to combine education with technology, they can create something beautiful indeed.

They can create a more productive learning environment where students get to express their views, interests and learn something new every day through the aid of technology.

In this article, we have listed a few hi-tech tools that are tailor made for teachers in general. If you want to increase the productivity of your lessons in classrooms, these should be your way to go. So let’s begin without further ado.

1. Emaze

Through the aid of Emaze, teachers would be able to create beautiful presentations that they would be able to use in their classrooms for their lessons.

Visual information is the most gratifying information of the lot. And presentations can be your choicest weapon as far as that aspect is concerned.

With the aid of Emaze, you would be able to create unique PPTs in no time with minimum computing and designing knowledge in general. So get on it without further ado.

2. ZipGrade

Grading papers made easy, thanks to ZipGrade.

Every teacher knows how much time it takes to grade papers individually be it an assignment paper or a test. It takes a monumental amount of effort and time to do the entire lot within a designated time frame.

Through ZipGrade, teachers would be able to grade each and every paper in a jiffy by just scanning the paper with the camera of their smart phones. There’s an alignment that needs to be maintained but that’s basically it. You can’t get simpler than that; can you?

3. WriteAbout

Every teacher has a certain number of reluctant writers in classes. The best way to get a reluctant writer into writing is to ask him/her to write on a subject that s/he’s interested in.

The WriteAbout tool can help you with that.

WriteAbout is a writing tool where students can write, give their feedback, receive feedbacks from credible sources and publish their work on the very same platform. You can also mentor your students on the job. Interest’s bound to grow after a period of time for sure.

4. Kaizena

Kaizena is an add-on for Google docs.

The tool allows teachers to leave their remarks on student work on the Google Doc itself. The entire thing can be done through the Kaizena website. It’s simple and effective at the same time.

5. Aurasma

Augmented reality is simply bringing in a revolution in classrooms.

Just imagine a scenario.

Say, your classroom lesson is based on planet earth. Students scan a certain photograph of the prairies through their smartphones and a video clip comes up almost immediately where Sir David Attenborough is talking about the different exotic species that are found in that particular location.

Isn’t that exciting? Of course it is. It’s going to take your lesson to a whole new level. Productivity will surely go off the roofs once you successfully inculcate these technology in your classrooms. Aurasma might help you with that. Yep, it might cost a bit but the prices are definitely worth all the troubles.

6. Plagscan

Plagiarism isn’t too uncommon in education. It is definitely a problem indeed. But how can you turn this problem into a part of your solution. Plagscan can come in handy for your job.

With the help of Plagscan you will be able to know whether a student’s written piece of content is plagiarized or not in matter of seconds rather than hours. You can then decide whether the plagiarism is intentional or not. Sometimes, plagiarism can also be an educational issues (such as citing a law word-by-word from its source).

7. Edmodo

Edmodo is a form of online social platform that’s specifically made for classroom interactions.

Teachers can create accounts on Edmodo and invite both students and their parents on the very same platform. They can then interact with one another, discuss class affairs and promote a learning environment on the internet. A small step like that can go a long way indeed.

Note: You can create your account for free on Edmodo. So what are you still waiting for?

So that’s it then. Hope the list comes in handy for your purpose. With that, I’ll bring this article to an end for now. Hope you had a great read.


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