Higher Education In Thailand: An Overview

Higher Education In Thailand: An Overview

Just like most other parts of Asia, the Thai society and Government also place a very high value on education. Students in the country have to go through immense competition and take rigorous examinations to enter the best schools and colleges. While the national language is Thai, the Government lays a lot of emphasis on English education. Besides, Thailand’s Government has rightly realized that scientific education is vital to the country’s future success and technological advancement. Hence, it is also trying very hard to improve the technical education scenario. Hence, engineering and science education is currently receiving immense importance in the local universities.

Higher education in Thailand, like in any other country, is primarily aimed at students in the 18-22 age group. The government has been able to reach out to almost 40 percent of this age group with the country’s higher educational facilities. The Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) of Thailand is responsible for redesigning the courses of its universities and higher educational institutions. The plan it in line with the emerging social and economic needs of the country. The primary objective is to categorize the educational institutions into four primary categories, namely:

  • Community colleges
  • Four-year universities and liberal arts colleges
  • Specialized institutions, including science and technology and comprehensive universities
  • Research and postgraduate universities

Numerous students from different parts of Thailand take admission to these institutions all over the country on a regular basis.

Foreign Students in Thailand

A large number of foreign students come to the country every year to study. In fact, with every passing day, Thailand is emerging as one of the most popular educational destinations in Southeast Asia for students from multiple countries. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, the country has a reputed educational system, which is considered better than some of its neighbors by a large number of students.

Thailand as a Cheap Educational Destination

Thailand is also a relatively cheap destination for the foreign students compared to most of the other local educational hubs of Asia like Japan or Singapore. Hence, students with modest budgets find Thailand a destination suitable for them.

Major Universities of Thailand

A number of universities in Thailand are known for imparting excellent higher education. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of them:

Chulangkorn University: This is the oldest of all Thai Universities and is also widely regarded as one of the very best. It was established by King Rama VI, also known as Vajirayudh, and he named it in honor of his father, King Chulalongkorn. It also has the distinction of having a Thai Royal graduating from it. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn studied in this University in the 1970s. Before her, every Thai royal had graduated from a foreign University. Different departments of this university, such as Accounting and Finance, Applied and Fine Arts, and Business Schools are known to attract foreign students. Besides, the university is also famous for its social science courses.

Thammasat University: The second oldest University in the country, Thammasat University attracts foreign students for its popular:

  • Business and marketing courses
  • Technology department
  • Political science school

One of the distinct advantages of attending classes in Thammasat, as opposed to Chulangkorn is that it has plenty of international programs where the medium of instruction is English. Hence, it is a favorite among the foreign students.

Mahidol University: This is another famous University in Thailand, which is especially well regarded for its medicine school. International students come here to study medicine as well as allied sciences such as dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and medical technology.

Assumption University: Assumption University attracts students from all over Asia, including India, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal as well as from USA and countries of Europe. Students at Assumption primarily choose to attend its Business Administration and Law programs.

Kasetsart University: It is Thailand’s third oldest University. It has excellent science, social science, education and agricultural departments.

Private Universities in Thailand: With the increasing demand for higher education, a number of private educational institutions have been established in Thailand. The oldest University of this type is the Payap University, located in Chiang Mai. It was established in 1974. Bangkok University is Thailand’s largest privately run University, with an enrollment of over 22,000 students.


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