Higher Education Options in Australia

Higher Education Options in Australia

Are you aiming to emerge as a top academic champion and outdo your peers in your field? If yes, then you certainly deserve to be a part of one of the most prestigious universities in the world. But, how to select the perfect university or college? Well, Australia has always been a coveted education destination particularly in the sector of higher education!No wonder, innumerable students across the world seek to study in Australia. Yes, dear students, that is true. Australian universities are known to rank amongst the best 400 universities on the planet. Be it the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland or the Griffith University, you have enough options to choose from.You would come across three kinds of higher education organizations in Australia: universities, institutes accredited by the state as well as private educational institutions. These three groups of organizations have been identified by the Commonwealth Higher Education Support Act, 2003. They offer education in a large number of disciplines and boast of expert faculty in different sectors.Technical colleges are also available in this part of the world that serve as significant higher education providers to students. Read on to learn about some of the best higher education options in Australia:

  • University of Melbourne: Previously known as Melbourne University, the University of Melbourne is situated in Melbourne near Victoria. It had been founded during 1853, and the university is the second oldest one in this country. The university comprises eleven academic departments. It is associated with some research centers and other academic organizations and is a public university. You can study undergraduate, master’s degree courses in professional fields as well as diplomas here. Bachelor of Environments, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, Majors in Biotechnology, Animal Health & Disease, Finance, etc. are taught.
  • University of Sydney: Founded in the year 1850, this university is a public university of Australia. The University of Sydney consists of 16 schools that are used to impart courses in master’s degree, undergraduate programs as well as doctoral degrees. This university is also referred to as Sydney University. Undergraduate courses include Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Environmental Systems (Honours), Bachelor of Oral Health, etc. Commercial Law, Metabolic Health, Veterinary Medicine, etc. are amongst the postgraduate courses provided here.
  • University of Queensland: Another fantastic higher education option is the University of Queensland (UQ) that had been established in 1909. It is present in Brisbane and its main campus is in St.Lucia. For the purpose of better planning, management and academics, the university is classified into many departments. The best thing about this university is that you can engage in extensive research projects here, especially in technology and medicine. Undergraduate courses involve Bachelors in Mathematics (Honours), Bachelors in Agribusiness (Honous) and much more. Master’s degrees include those in Biotechnology, Anima Science, etc.
  • University of New South Wales: Australia is home to a particular university that is amongst the top five local universities. It is the University of New South Wales (UNSW) that was founded in 1949. This organization enjoys a partnership with several foreign universities like University of California Berkeley, Princeton University, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and others. About 400 students are sent to these institutes at the end of every semester. Students imbibe education from the departments like UNSW Business School, UNSW Arts and Design, UNSW Medicine, UNSW Engineering and so on.
  • Griffith University: Griffith University is a reputed university in Australia that provided education to over 43,000 students. It is based in the south-eastern portion of Queensland. You will find five campuses of this institution located in areas like South Bank, Gold Coast, Nathan, Mount Gravatt and Logan City. Griffith University offers postgraduate and also graduate courses in Business, Engineering, Visual Arts, Education, Environment, Information Technology, Health, Music, Law and other disciplines. The university boasts of three different research centers comprising the Smart Water Research Centre, the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security.
  • University of Adelaide: Do you know which is the third oldest university in this country? It’s The University of Adelaide that was previously known as Adelaide University. This institute was set up in 1874. Currently, five campuses are a part of this university. The locations of these campuses are North Terrace, National Wine Centre, Roseworthy, Thebarton as well as Urrbae. The sixth campus of this university is present in Singapore, known as Ngee Ann – Adelaide Education Centre or NAAEC. It is your best bet if you wish to join a research-oriented organization, especially commercial and basic research. Sensing and Computation, Agriculture, Social Innovation, Environment, etc. are some of the research areas.
  • Curtin University: This university is believed to be the greatest university located in Western Australia, boasting of over 40, 000 pupils. Located in Bentley, Curtin University is an official member of ATN (Australian Technology Network). It is involved in active research in the fields of Supercomputing, Management and Business. Undergraduate programs include Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration and Curtin College Diploma of Commerce. Postgraduate courses offered are Graduate Diploma in International Business, Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting, Master of Project Management, Master of Finance, Master of Accounting, etc.

You know what makes Australian universities so unique? Let me tell you. It is the superior quality of international education promised by numerable academic institutes in this nation. It has been found that at least 20 percent of learners studying in Australian organizations are from foreign lands. So, what are you waiting for dear students? Enroll into a distinguished Australian university today and reach for the stars!


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