Hobbies That Can Help Your Career

Hobbies That Can Help Your Career

I hardly had any idea that I was going to take up writing as a career when I decided to study Physics in college. Science always fascinated me, but writing seemed effortless. I had a habit of scribbling down whatever came to my mind, in the corners of my notebooks, whenever my mind wandered beyond the classroom windows. Even though such phases of inattention yielded many a warning from my teachers, my mind kept racing (with caution, of course).

One day, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of blogging. And it turned out to be quite an exciting experience for me. It took up the maximum priority in the list of my hobbies. Then I completed college and landed a software job, as expected of a science graduate. But in the back of my mind, I always used to feel that something was missing. So I decided to find out what that was. Turned out, the https://www.learnpick.com/blog/wp-admin/post.php?post=488&action=editsoftware job wasn't making me happy. So I resigned and became a writer instead. And everything fell into place.

I learned two very important lessons that day.

  • It isn't every day that we get to realize what we are meant to do in our lives. But when we do, we should act on it.
  • The contribution of hobbies in our careers should never be underestimated.

All of us have hobbies. They are the creative outlets whose benefits extend into the workplace without us realizing. There's more to hobbies than we know. In fact, they are more than just another sentence in your CV.

A study was conducted by Dr. Kevin Eschleman, a psychology professor at San Francisco State University, to determine the relationship between hobbies and performances in the workplace. It was found that the hobbies have positive effects in the workplace. According to Dr. Eschleman, “Whatever the activity is that you’re doing in your free time, it becomes incredibly more valuable if it is different from what you’ve been doing most recently in your work environment.

Hobbies are important, no doubt. In this article, we are going to enlist a few and how they can add value to you 9-to-5.



The game of kings as it is rightfully called, playing chess has a number of advantages. Chess is a very strategic game. It requires a lot of brain activity to make the right moves. This helps players develop skills like:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making

Additionally, it also helps in sharpening your numerical ability, intelligence as well as emotional quotient. Every move on the chess board requires risk assessment, ability to foresee the opponent's next move and how to maneuver that to your advantage. If you can master that, you will automatically apply these skills in your workplace. This way, your job will turn out to be a lot more fulfilling.


Golf has been the breeding ground for many a business deal. The boss's invitation to a game of golf could help you build connections that could not have been possible otherwise. As you walk up the corporate ladder armed with the skills necessary to flourish in your job role, visiting the golf course could be one of the things that your role demands of you. It is an incredible tool for social interaction that is enormously important for businesses.

Golf isn't an easy game. It teaches us a number of life skills.


  • Concentration: Golf requires you to block all distractions and devote your entire mental and emotional concentration to the perfect shot. This is a skill that is extremely important in the workplace.
  • Problem-solving: Golf is tough. It comes with a number of obstacles that you need to overcome, for example, wind, sand traps, trees and so on. A player is required to come up with a strategy to avoid and calculate his way through these to achieve the perfect shot.
  • Perseverance: Not every shot is going to be perfect and the criticisms could be disheartening. It is the determination to stick through it that will make the player an expert. This skill is crucial in the workplace.

Golf can be of advantage in the business world more than you realize. If it is one of your hobbies, then you already have an upper hand.


Volunteering works as a rewarding attribute in your resume. It not only gives you an idea about your chosen field of work, but also gives you an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills. In fact, many volunteering programmes provide volunteers with extensive training on valuable skills. Therefore, it is a wonderful platform to develop the following skills:

  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Working in a team
  • Problem solving

With every candidate in line for the job you are aspiring for, landing your dream job comes down to the smallest details. Volunteering is one of those activities that can work in your favor. Additionally, volunteering also helps you build a strong and powerful network and might even open up a job opportunity or two. Therefore, a hobby of volunteering can give your career the necessary boost.

Playing a Musical Instrument

Music is the language of the soul. Whether you are hearing it or making it, the benefits that it brings along are innumerable. Musicians are great listeners and have an exceptional ability to integrate information from sight, vision and touch.

Did you know that music has the potential to boost intelligence? A music-based cognitive training programme was conducted by Dr. Sylvian Moreno on a few children for a period of 20 days. The results were overwhelming. It revealed a remarkable gain in intelligence among 90% of the participants.


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Music teaches you perseverance, patience and responsibility. These can come in handy in the workplace. Additionally, music calms your mind and helps you de-stress after a hectic day.

Music brings people together. Social skills come as an added bonus with music. If you are a part of a band and have been practising music for some time, then you know what I mean.

Reading and Writing

Even though reading and writing are quite common hobbies, their impact on the workplace is immense. A lot of creativity comes into play in these hobbies. Both are empowering and great ways of developing a thirst for knowledge.

A reader is always in the quest for knowledge. A reader gets to learn new things every day- vocabulary, facts, interesting theories which can find application in the workplace. Knowing the right things is always better than knowing nothing at all. Additionally, reading sharpens the mind.


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A writer has the power to inspire action. A writer is confident enough to share his articles with the world and has exceptional communication skills. Also, if you are a blogger then it goes without saying that you have an idea how the world of blogging works and how to manage a blog. That saves the time for additional training. Therefore, this is an added bonus in the resume that employers would definitely prefer.

Hobbies are as important as the valuable work experiences that you add to your CV. Keep in mind that as much chance as your hobbies can have in helping you improve your career, one of those could also have an equal possibility of becoming your career.

Would you like to add any other hobbies to this list? Share those with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.


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