How about Robotics and Coding Camps this Summer Holiday

How about Robotics and Coding Camps this Summer Holiday

Students get a long break from their academic activities during summer holiday and they tend to use it by going for a trip to some exotic place(s), playing outdoor and indoor games for long hours, learning to play a new musical instrument, or hanging out with friends.

However, summer holiday can be used for more productively by learning a new language, attending private tuitions, volunteering for a good cause, working as an intern, or learning some new subjects such as robotics and coding.

Summer robotics and coding camps can help students to become innovative and gain more knowledge about the breakthrough innovations in robotics and coding domain. These camps can reinforce the technological education of the students and make them smarter than other kids who chose to forgo the camps.

With technological revolution impacting our daily lives, the thrust on robotics and coding is at its peak at present. Teaching the basic principles of robotics to young students makes sense as we are in an age where we get our commodities manufactured by robots, farming activities carried out by robotics technology, as well as construction activities are done with the applications of robotics.

In the future, our cars would be driven by robots, managed by artificial intelligence (AI). Many ground-breaking and large companies like Toyota, Apple, Google, Tesla, etc are intensifying efforts to manufacture driverless cars in a few years and the cars would be run by robotics technology.

As the demand for robotics technology is at an all time high, these companies will be required to hire a large number of professionals in the field of AI and robotics.

Besides self-driving automobile and manufacturing sectors, robotics can play a huge role in IT, defense, agriculture, and other sectors.

At robotics camps, students experiment, learn to make something on their own, and collaborate with other team members. The usual student to teacher ratio is 8:1 and students are taught in small classes.

Coding is the subject where the students learn to make software, computer applications, and websites. Apart from computer science students, coding is also popular among primary school and high school students. Many coding camps are exclusively meant for young students who can learn how to code at a young age.

The objective of coding camps is to engage children with interesting teaching methods and impart vital information to them. The coding camps use video games as a method of teaching and manage to keep the children engaged and invested throughout the course of the camps.

The robotics and coding camps teach in such a way that the students fail to perceive that they are learning as the entire activity seems fun and play to them. Attending these camps, children get their share of fun as well as education in math, physics and computer science.

In the coding camps, older students use Javascript coding program to develop their own games and younger students use Stencyl program. Younger students enjoy their camp activities as they learn many things by using the Stencyl program and take the games with them in their device or laptop to play and share with their playmates.

The courses in the robotics camps are designed in such a way that the students complete their challenges while they become skilled at robot programming and design at the same time.

The robotics and coding camps teach students many important skills such as innovative skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities. The camps give the students the abilities to investigate and explore the best available options to develop, program, and engineer robots on their own. Nothing is imposed on the students in these camps and they are given the autonomy and freedom to create!


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