How Artificial Intelligence Can Affect Human Lives and Jobs

How Artificial Intelligence Can Affect Human Lives and Jobs

Artificial intelligence is the study and research by which a computer program or a machine is made, which can think and learn and perform all human activities. It is a machine which can mimic human activities. Some things associated with mind such as solving problems and learning can be done by these computer programs. As the machines are getting more and more efficient and the technology is advancing in a full swing, it has become a danger to human life and mainly has affected the employment of people. Like all technology, there are two sides to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we are going to discuss at length at both these aspects of AI.

How has Artificial Intelligence Affected Human Life

Artificial intelligence has affected human life immensely. Our day to day routine can be changed by this. The work can be done faster as well as efficiently and the cost can be reduced too. The cost of a task performed by a human being is much higher than the task performed by machine. It also removes the factor of human error in any task thus, saving many lives. For example artificial intelligence can reduce pollution and climate change. Robots are made to clean up the environment and reduce the effects of air and water pollution. Driverless cars are already available and has been a success amongst people. It will react much faster than a driver and work efficiently. By inventing new technologies it might help us in eradicating war, disease and poverty. It is basically made to solve problems for humans and make human lives easy.

There are also plenty of disadvantages of artificial intelligence such as there will be a point when artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence and we don’t know how it will behave. It can be used as a huge weapon for destruction. A software can be developed which can destroy the world which is very dangerous. This may enable out smarting financial markets, human researchers, human leaders and developing weapons that we don’t even know. It can also be possible that some machines can also control humans. It also affects jobs of human beings as they start replacing blue collar jobs. It can take over many tasks from humans and hence resulting in huge cases of unemployment all over the world.

How does Artificial Intelligence Affect jobs?

Emerging technologies like robots, machines and computer programs are increasing at a rapid pace but little attention has been paid on employment and public policy. As the robots are much cheaper and can work all day, most of the companies and factories are replacing their employers with these robots, thus resulting in huge amount of unemployment all over the world. This will result in a downfall of economy and public interests. Problems like poverty and poorness will arise due to unemployment. The most vulnerable jobs are workers in transport and logistics, office support, and workers in factories and mills. Machines and robots may destroy many peoples livelihood. The main challenge for the governments of different countries is to maintain full employment at a time when automation is replacing men. This threatens to divide the society into a skilled elite and an unskilled underclass.


In today’s world, artificial intelligence has been given much importance due to its efficiency and cost effective. More and more researches are developed and technology is advancing. Mobiles and computers are a must for everybody now. But this advanced technology and can also create harmful effects and mass destruction. It has taken away large number of jobs and can result to unemployment in many countries.


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