How Linguistics Can Get You a Career in Artificial Intelligence among other Great Jobs?

How Linguistics Can Get You a Career in Artificial Intelligence among other Great Jobs?

So, you love the concept of artificial intelligence and have majored in linguistics? Are you looking for ways you can start a career in AI field? Yes, you have scope in the field, mainly as a computational linguist. But before you choose this career path, you need to understand the role of a computational linguist.

What does a computational linguist do?

The career of a computational linguist is challenging as well as rewarding to a great degree. If you have special interest in the structure of languages and also have interest in technological fields like application and software development, you can definitely choose to be in this career. If you have a degree in linguistics you can gain some technical knowledge before choosing this area.

As a computational linguistic you will be responsible for visualizing complex processes and solve problems. One of the main traits of a computational linguist is a great deal of concentration and patience. If you feel you have what it takes to be a computational linguist, you can definitely choose this career.

What are the job responsibilities of a computational linguist?

To put it simply, the main role of a computational linguist is to help in the development of computer systems that can interact with human language. Given below is a list of job responsibilities that a computational linguist takes up:

  • Coordinate with the project leader and get a thorough understanding of the program requirements.

  • Improve technology resources for inducing natural language search

  • Be a part of the projects that leads to an improvement in the core computer program technology and applications.

  • Build language models and test and analyze those according to set requirements.

  • Ensure compliance with the roadmap of the project given to you

  • Attending meetings and giving constructive ideas on the design and development of interfaces for inducing artificial intelligence in machines.

  • Implement speech synthesis and recognition and suchlike other algorithms for better functioning of the software and hardware platforms.

  • Apply logical skills and knowledge to create systems and designs that can extract content from databases and from human languages.

What it take to be a computational linguist?

You need the basic graduation degree in linguistic. There are many universities and educational institutions that offer masters degree in computational linguistics. You can also gain some knowledge of programming and skills that are required to be a successful computational linguist. You may even learn foreign languages, which can be helpful in communication with people from across the world.

There are many places where a computation linguist can expect to work. You can choose to be in blue chip companies, universities as a professor, or in the artificial intelligence lab directly. In the US, a computational linguist can earn between $6,000 to $110, 000 plus bonuses.

You need to be extremely talented in the computing as well as in the linguistic skills to be able to get a job. The common traits that are required to be a computational linguist are patience, concentration, skills, and persistency.

Artificial intelligence is an emerging field

Today, artificial intelligence is the field that is creating all types of job opportunities. There are jobs for people with almost all backgrounds, if they have special interest in the technology of artificial intelligence. This is an exciting and promising field.

Computational linguistics and natural language processing are different from each other. Natural language processing is the process of solving great engineering problems for analyzing and generating natural language text.

Areas to focus on

There are certain specific areas where one needs to focus on to be a successful computational linguist. There are a few high level languages like PERL and JAVA that you need to learn. It is also good to know Python, another high level language to do programming.

This field of linguistics often uses statistics and mathematics. So, you should concentrate in learning statistical mathematics which has a lot of practical use in the field.


Be thorough in linguistics. You need to be well versed with the cultural aspects of the language like semantics, syntax, and phonetics. In addition to that you can also learn language patterns and usages. Knowledge of psycholinguistics and research methods is also great to learn.


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