How Many Revisions should suffice before an Exam?

How Many Revisions should suffice before an Exam?

The revision part is, arguably, the toughest part of any exam procedure. The exam itself – typically between one as well as three hours- a chance to present all the information you have built up over few months, crafted deftly into a well-rounded reply to a question or else series of questions.

While pressure as well as nerves can certainly make it a prickly experience, the knowledge which is the conclusion of the entire method should provide particular comfort.

Plan in Advance

It should go without telling that planning your revision schedule must be done beforehand. Anything else to confirm requires adequate time and giving enough attention to all the subjects.

If you plan to offer a week for revising each subject, that will need at least two months for revising all the subjects.

Initial as well as Continued Assessment

Either in the practice form or in the form of a complete assessment, revision must be a process of development. In order to plan your development efficiently, teachers must recommend that their students put extra effort to practice papers in all subjects, giving relevance to marking scheme as well as curriculum.

Every Subject has Different Requirements

If you think that devoting equal amount of time for all the subjects can solve the purpose, then you are wrong as every subject is different and has particular requirements. Moreover, every child’s capability in every subject also differs. So, during revision all the points should be taken into consideration.

For instance, Modern Foreign Languages are mainly content driven, while English Literature is mostly essay-based.

Revise your Subjects Strategically

Strategy plans play a pivotal role in deciding the quality of one’s revision. It helps in revising all the subjects according to their as well as your specific requirements related to that subject.

For instance, scheduling English revision earlier in your revision plan mostly proves more beneficial as compared to the study of essay-based subjects like Religious Studies, History or Political Science.

In a similar way, choosing Math as one of the major subjects which you revise may be an invaluable decision while studying numerical or statistical subjects like Economics, Physics and Business Studies in the beginning will also be good.

The practical layering of information can reinforce as well as enhance your revision for each subject. Following this process according to the demands of the exam schedule – for instance, starting with a subject which appears timely in the exam agenda – makes it a tremendously prudent method.

Focus on Strengths as well as Weaknesses

A huge part of planning and time to be devoted on each subject depends on one’s own understanding and requirements basically.

It is recommended to spend most of your time on the subjects, modules or topics which one finds to be more problematic.

Not only should one revise those areas to be assured that over confidence doesn’t ruin the exam, but one must also be aware of the topics or subject which one finds difficult to deal with.

It is significant; therefore, that every part of study is revised at least once, as well as that nothing is left untouched.

Strict yet Flexible Approach

Obviously, it is vital to create a revision plan as well as stick to it. Not only it requires mental discipline, it also confirms that every topic part should be covered at least once before the exam.

Remaining behind might mean that a decisive area is missed out, also causing drop in valued marks. While teachers encourage you to stick to your idea as much as probable, you must be capable to exert a degree of flexibility.

Color coding

Color coding, a device commonly related with making revision notes, is a beneficial memory assistant that can permit you to unify all the components of your revision.

Whether coded for each subject, per module or else per topic, usage of colors in your revision strategy can provide a significant subconscious link which may help you sharpen your memory during the exams.

A stability of these elements will help you make a comprehensive as well as well-planned revision plan, regulated by normal practice of both past papers as well as mock exams. The hard part of the procedure is making assured you stick to it.


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