How Much Learning Can Homework Reveal?

How Much Learning Can Homework Reveal?

Well, homework has become almost an indispensable part of every student’s life! Especially the students who are still in schools, each day need to engage themselves doing homework or the assignments given by the schools for hours. In addition to that, if any student has home tutors for special guidance, he/she needs to do the homework given by those personal educators as well! The concept of homework is supposed to bolster the learning process; revising and applying things that students learn in the class. But, sometimes the excessive pressure of homework becomes a burden to the students! Well, due to this, how much learning homework actually can do has become a debatable topic!


Pros & Cons of Homework

Almost everything is associated with some of its pros and cons; homework is no exception in that case! It has several advantages and disadvantages associated with it as well. In some cases, homework is undoubtedly beneficial for the students; whereas, excessive pressure of homework can result in the exact opposite of it! Here, some mentionable pros and cons of homework have been jotted down briefly.


  • Improved retention of the factual and precise knowledge
  • Stronger and improved critical thinking ability
  • Enhanced skills in independent problem-solving
  • Helps the teachers to keep a track of the fact how the students are progressing
  • Increased and better involvement of the parents in schooling


  • Losing interest in the academics
  • Lesser leisure time
  • Increasing both emotional and physical fatigue
  • Creating opportunity for deceiving or cheating
  • May disproportionately abuse the minority or economically challenged students
  • Can widen the gap between the low and the high achievers

Parents Should Not Be Invasive, But Supportive

One of the main advantages of homework is that it establishes a relationship between the parents and the schools. Parents can understand what the school is teaching; how their child is progressing with the studies; how they are learning new things; how their child is developing the skills in independent problem-solving etc. Parents should not pressurize the children; should be helpful, supportive. Being invasive can result in the exact opposite of learning. If students face problems while doing their homework parents should help them rather than scolding them. Parents should keep in touch with the teachers to understand how their child is performing at the school and be supportive for their proper and effective development.

Balanced Homework

A balanced homework is always beneficial for the students. It doesn’t cause loss of interest in the academics for the student which is a very crucial thing! Moreover, students may take interest into learning as well. Suppose, if excessive homework is given and the student is solving it by copying from others or cheating, then there remains no value of learning! Moreover, it can create a panic among the students and the young minds may not want to go to schools further due to the excessive pressure! Hence, a balanced homework is needed that is suitable for the ultimate growth of the students.

Homework Is Not About Quantity, But Quality

Both the tutors in the schools and the education instructors at home should understand the fact that homework is not about quantity at all, but it is all about quality. If teachers think that more homework can enhance the learning ability among the students, then it is a wrong notion! The concept of homework is to clear up the idea; applying new things that students learn in the schools to solve problems; developing strong critical thinking ability. If excessive pressure affects the young minds, they will not be able to grow properly.

Thus, it is easily understandable that homework is effective learning process only when it is well-accepted by the students.


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