How Much Needs to Be Done to Improve Teacher Quality

How Much Needs to Be Done to Improve Teacher Quality

Great teachers always help shape the future of the kids the best. That is the reason it is a perpetual effort on the part of any educational institute to improve teacher quality. It is important for every teacher and students to know that greatness needs practice and time. A leader of the school helps the teachers of the institute to grow and become great. He/she can help a ‘bad’ teacher become efficient and effective in imparting education to the students. So, the teachers of an institute are in a process of continuous growth. But that takes time, patience, perseverance, and hard work.

Why improve teacher quality?

It is to be understood that good teachers will always help students grow and they will impart the best of education to them. Thus, there is a visible improvement in the learning outcomes of the students. And, most importantly, it is an important component of the success of the school. Continuous improvement and growth is important for both the teachers and the students, which indirectly impact the reputation and growth of the school as a whole.

Improvement through evaluations

It is necessary for every school to conduct regular and complete tutor evaluation. This helps the institute to understand the growth of its teachers. Accordingly, the school can set curriculum and training sessions to improve the quality of teachers.

If any tutor is identified to be in need of significant improvement, a plan of improvement should be in place immediately. After studying what the teacher is doing in the classroom and his/her behavior and approach towards the students, resources, professional development and suggestions to be given for improvement of the quality of teaching.

Constructive feedback and suitable suggestions are the key requirements of a tutor training plan. Feedback for improvement can be given both formally as well as informally to the teachers for their improvement.

Recommendations for improving the quality of teachers

It is important for every teacher to strengthen their individual identities as professionals. To do that, there are certain factors that need to be taken care of. Factors like remuneration, recruitment, and opportunities for professional development affect the quality. If as a teacher you do not feel competent in terms of these factors, you will fail to address the educational needs of the students. You, as a teacher should also know direct, measurable impacts on the learning process.

Standardization of professional development is important

Do you have any idea regarding effective professional development? Often an institute does not provide a codified understanding regarding quality professional development. Thus, the teachers are subjected to malign training approaches and inappropriate development sessions.

How collaboration can improve teacher quality?

Collaborating with colleagues increases knowledge and trust. Cooperation helps the teachers to build a better understanding and also share knowledge. This not only improves the effectiveness of the teachers, but also increases the students’ scores and knowledge. Training and development helps a teacher to adopt innovations and technology freely.

There are certain things about collaborations that you need to understand:

  • There should be a valid reason to collaborate and you should understand that

  • Be oriented to be an active element in a productive team

  • A development team should have at least a knowledgeable member

  • Peer classroom visits and effective feedback are important for improvement

  • Peer to peer instructions should be strengthened

Providing support for improving teachers

Providing support for the overall development requires that there will be an all-round support or assistance for improving the quality of behaviour and teaching. This helps the teachers to transform professional training to a classroom setup for the students. Support for improvement includes guidance, feedback, instructions, and training. It could be instructional, resources, peer, administrative, or supervisory. Teachers receiving on-the-job support for improvement are more willing to apply technology, skills, and strategies in imparting education.

In conclusion…

It can thus be concluded that poor and ineffective training and professional development hurts teachers and thereby students. Thus, in the long run it hurts the community and the country as a whole. So, in order to build a better nation, it is important to improve the quality of the teachers. Thus, an institute should commit to providing the required resources for the training and lessons and also provide incentives for participation by the faculty members.


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