How Not to Have a Dangerous Password?

How Not to Have a Dangerous Password?

These days there is a lot of news about cyber crime. Passwords are getting hacked and important information is being leaked. It is the common people who are keeping dangerous passwords and are giving the chance to the hackers to hack. Moreover, there are millions of people who repeat passwords, which is a terrible habit. So, if you are re-using the same password online for multiple accounts, beware!

Why people tend to choose something dangerous?

Who willingly wants to get hacked? But it could be your own fault that your password is out and some unscrupulous people are using that for their own benefits. You may be lazy in making new passwords for each website you visit. Keeping the same password for online banking transaction is also a dangerous mistake. You should be careful about such incidents. If you are using the same password for all your accounts, you must make it a point to change as immediately as you can. Try to remember passwords or you can apply different techniques for remembering passwords, just like you did to the formulas of mathematics.

Which are the most dangerous passwords that you need to avoid?

You must not use common misspellings or abbreviations of your name as passwords. These are easy to guess and often the easiest for the hackers to get their hands in.

  • You should not use the dictionary words in any of the languages. All the words found in the dictionary should not be used as they are to make passwords. However, you can definitely use combination of words for making a strong password.

  • You should also avoid a sequence of letters or repeat characters in a row as present in a computer keyboard. For example, do not use “12345” as a password. It is one of the easiest to guess and is likely to get hacked easily.

  • Try to avoid using your name, middle name, name of your spouse or your birthday as password. These are easy and convenient to search. Your account is not safe with these kinds of dangerous passwords.

How to create a safe password for your accounts?

Now that you know the dangerous passwords and how you can avoid those, you must also learn the ways you can create safe and secure passwords for your profile. There are some rules for creating passwords that are safe and cannot be hacked easily. Given below is a shoet discussion on the same:

  • Your password should contain at least 8 characters. However, it is safer if you could create a password of length 14 characters.

  • Use different variety of characters in your password. You can combine numeric characters with alphabets and special characters. This would help to create a strong password for your accounts.

  • You should not only create a password with your special or favorite characters. Instead, you must use the entire keyboard for creating a password. Pick unusual and new characters and numbers for passwords.

  • You should test your password with a password checker. You should not use a password without checking for profiles, especially in online banking.

  • You may think that it is not safe to write down passwords. But if you choose to write down your passwords in a personal diary or keep the written note in a safe place properly, it is good. If you do this you will be able to choose a unique password, and remember that too. Moreover, if you are keeping it safe inside your personal diary or file, you will be able to access whenever required and no one else will mishandle it.

Some tips to keep your account safe

If you are opening your account from any other device other than the one you use every day, a notification is sent as a text message and email. You should always keep these notifications enabled for your accounts. By doing this you will be immediately notified in case someone else tried to access your account. You must keep a close watch on the account related notifications that you receive on your phone.

Make sure you give bogus answers to the security questions. If you are asked about your pet name, write something weird and unusual that no one else would know. “Rumpelstiltskin” is old, try something new!


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