How Parents Can Check What Kids Have Learnt In Class

How Parents Can Check What Kids Have Learnt In Class

The parents are a child’s first and most influential teachers. They are mostly responsible for how the formative years of their child are shaped and also the shape his or her future and career will take. So, with such responsibility on one’s shoulder, it is best to start early by getting involved in the learning process of your child. Read on for some tips on how to keep tabs on what your kid is learning in his or her school.

Meet the Teachers

This is important as he or she is the person your kid will be in contact with for most of the semester. You should meet him or her and convey that you also want to help with teaching your kid. Develop a rapport so that the teacher gets to know you and appreciates your sincerity with respect to your child’s education. Also, in case there is any lapse on your child’s part, or there is any particular matter that needs to be shared or discussed, the teacher will think about contacting you.

Attend Parent-Teacher Meets

Parent-teacher meet is generally organized once or twice a year by the school authorities. This platform is also a great place to meet with the faculty and other important members of the teaching institution. Here, both the school authorities and the parents get to voice their opinions and share general concerns about the progress of their child’s education or any other issue. In case you feel there are particular concerns regarding your child’s teaching, you may raise it here. Also, make it a point to meet individually with different teachers, especially the ones where your child is weak, let them know your concerns and ask for special attention and/or advice.

Know What is Being Taught at School

Before you start helping your kid with school work, know the school curriculum. Having a basic idea of what is being taught will help in understanding the hurdles your child may face in course of the semester. In this way, in the case of a problem with studies, you are better prepared to handle the same as you have prior knowledge about what you kid is learning at school. Also, try to find out about after-school programs which might help your child’s all-round development. Depending on his or her enthusiasm and preference, enrolling in these programs will benefit your kid in the long run.

Check for Completion of Schoolwork

Make this activity a part of your daily routine. Every day after you are back from work, check that your kid is aware that schoolwork needs to be daily and you are monitoring its progress. Let him or her know that you think it is an important part of growing up and become an educated person. In this process, you also need to be careful in your approach. While homework needs to be done, it is a spontaneous learning and revising activity, not a burden to the student. Be supportive instead of forceful, try to understand the reason in case your kid is resenting homework and solve the problem through discussion.

Be Inquisitive

Always stay up-to-date about your child’s progress in school. Gather knowledge through observing your child’s behavior after he or she comes back from school. Whether your kid is enjoying studies and the time at school can be easily noticed in this way. In case you are working, make it a point to discuss the day when you are together with your family. Make it a dialogue, instead of a question-answer session. Share about your day spent at work and invite your child to do the same. Also, encourage your child to be involved in outdoor activities, using the school library for reference work and general reading.


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