How Parents Can Help Children Choose Their Careers

How Parents Can Help Children Choose Their Careers

Parents have a very important role in shaping their child’s future, steering it in the right direction. It is very much in vogue and a necessity today that parents advise and guide children in making career-choices. There are many ways in which parents can significant help and influence in their progeny’s career-decisions and development.

Ways in which Parents can help their children in selecting their Careers

Parents play a major role in a child’s life. They are the role-models for the child. Hence it is the responsibility of a parent to guide their child towards a better future. Tell your child about the pros and cons of being in the profession they want to be in. At the same time, remember, excessive parental control regarding children’s occupational decision-making can have negative outcomes. Hence, a proper balance should be maintained by parents.

Guide and Motivate

It is a proven fact that, parents’ words of guidance and motivation to their children can work wonders. In order for children to take the right baby steps towards the right career choice, parents ought to give them career guidance accordingly. The guidance should be motivational too.

Encourage Them to Explore

It is a good idea for parents to push children to explore career options on their own. In today’s time, career options and possibilities are ever-increasing. Give children the liberty to read, research and learn about popular as well unconventional professions. Children may trip upon an interesting choice, who knows?

Career Counselling

Career counsellors are the perfect point of contact children and parents could collectively reach out to. In case children or parents feel that expert advice is their best bet, then make an appointment right away. Besides, nobody gives better advice than a qualified expert!


Many parents and children feel comfortable interacting with teachers. With regards to career options, even teachers are quite qualified to give some useful career-related tips. Besides, teachers gauge children the best (after parents of course!) If it helps, certainly seek teachers’ opinion on the matter.

More Academically Inclined

Parents should emphasize their children on completing their education. Children should get as much education as possible as it will prove extremely beneficial in future. A child should keep learning even though it gets a good job. As we know, learning never stops. A child should study about various fields and subjects. Learn from the experience’s from previous students. Educate children about life skills and about valuing morals.

Awareness of Career Resources/ Education and Training Opportunities

Parents, along with their children should research about the resources and opportunities in the particular career their child is interested in. Find out about how much training the companies offer and what the incentives they provide are. Seek for the information regarding what type of qualification and education is required to succeed in that profession. A child must get proper training and information regarding the career it will choose as it will provide a clear picture about his future.

Model Effective Decision Making

Children learn more from what parents do than what they say. Effective decision making includes listing all possible options, setting a time limit on when the decision needs to be made, information gathering, weighing the risks involved, factoring in personal values, weighing the pros and cons of each course of action, making the decision, putting the decision into action.

Direct, Don’t Dictate

Numerous researches and surveys have come to claim that it is always a good idea for parents to play a supporting role when children are indulging in wishful thinking about the career-path they should walk on. There is a notion that parents must direct, and not dictate terms when children are considering career aspirations for themselves.

Be Liberal, Don’t Impose

Although parents would like to play a leading role in their children’s career decisions, they should encourage independent thinking in them. Give children to open up and interact about their career preferences. Listen to what they on their mind. Their ideas and opinions could be better than yours.


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