How Parents Can Keep Up with Tech Savvy Children

How Parents Can Keep Up with Tech Savvy Children

The world is getting tremendously technology-driven. There is an app available for all kinds of activities. In such a setup, every individual wants to ensure that he or she knows how to go about operating the apps and gadgetry. Understandably the young generation is ahead in this regard. As a consequence, parents need to be on their toes so as to make sure they are up to speed with the ways of the tech-savvy kids. The following article offers lots of insights for parents that want to know the ways by which they can stay steady with their tech-savvy protégé.

  • For parents to do better as far as picking on technology goes, developing a deep sense of curiosity could help in a big way. In order to start using technology and being successful at it, experts advice that parents need to cultivate interest and curiosity for it. A first good step would be to begin discussing technology with your children at home, and also your coworkers at office. Interaction in this regard is very important and will help parents become more easily adaptive to learning technology.

  • Parents could also start peppering their daily conversations with tech-vocabulary. For sure the children would be pleasantly surprised with this new development but surely they wouldn’t mind it now, would they? For starters, parents must know and understand that technological vocabulary is just as distinct as any other tech-related know-how. Start by becoming familiar with the words which are commonly used or are trending on the Internet. You could look up social media to learn more!

  • Parents need to be more proactive and participating. We are no longer in 2001. The world has changed and technology is ruling the roost. In order to be as tech-savvy as the offspring, parents will need to start becoming friendly towards technology. This can be accomplished by interacting with the kids and getting to know about what kind of technology and apps are ruling the market these days. Parents please don’t be shy in approaching the kids and asking them to teach you a lesson or two on how to use a certain app.

  • Surveys conducted in 2010 had revealed that an average young adult engages in sending and receiving more than 1600 texts in a month. On the other side of the fence, the survey discovered that parents were more comfortable punching in numbers into the phone and making calls rather than sitting down to type 160-characters to express themselves. Today, the trend has increasingly tilted towards the 160-characters type of communication. In such a scenario then it makes sense for parents to learn the art of texting and all that comes along with it. As a large number of the millennials are addicted to text-messaging, high time then that the parents also get the grip of doing the same.

  • More than 1 billion people on the planet have a Facebook account. The mantra of today’s lifestyle is dominated by social media. After text messaging, if there is another platform where most youngsters like to make connections and interact with all and sundry, then social media platforms is the answer. If your kids are away to college and reaching them via phone or text is not possible, then go on and create a social media account – preferably Facebook, and send a “friend request” to your children, and get connected to them. According to a research conducted a couple of years ago, as much as 70 percent of today’s youngsters are happy to accept a friend request from their folks.

  • A survey in 2014 disclosed that up to 40 percent of parents learnt how to use the computer, social media, email et al from their kids. This behavior shows that parents aren’t really well-aware of the influence technology has on the kids, and the world at large. But of course, the trend is changing now and fast. More and more parents are moving towards learning the tricks of technology by self-experimentation.

Picking up on technology is no big deal. Yet it is an important first step which parents ought to take in order to become as tech-savvy as the children, and the aforesaid ways will surely assist you in the endeavor.


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