How safe is the School Building you send your Children to

How safe is the School Building you send your Children to

When we decide about the school we want to enrol our child into, we look at various factors like academics, quality of teachers, proper staff, huge grounds, proper amenities and infrastructure. But we often tend to neglect the fact about the locality the school is situated in and we do not pay attention on the security system of the school. Always make sure that your child goes to the school having excellent security system. We often read cases about increasing crime rates especially with school children. Checking about the security and locality of our children’s school should be our first priority. Protecting schools is a very tough and complex task, hence the management should look to enhance access control and increase their budget towards security by installing best and most advanced security system to prevent crime rates.

Safety measures that should be taken by all the schools

  • There should be a secured entrance and exit gates. A secure entrance can prevent unauthorized entry by presenting a more positive security image. Perimeter fencing to deter trespassers and limit access to non-primary entrances. Fencing should encourage entry via highly visible and well monitored areas, preferably those under video surveillance. It makes the person approaching more obvious.

  • All the area in and around the school should be under CCTV coverage. These should be installed all around the school and also the area outside the school. The contract of providing security guards should be given to a highly reputed company as all the things are in the hand of the security guards. These guards should be extremely efficient and tough and should know how to tackle different type of situations. Also make sure that these guards are honest and perform their duty properly.

  • There should be a single point of entry to the school. It is extremely important to monitor the activity around the entrance of the school with large number of guards and CCTV. No unauthorized person should pass through. Entry should not be given to students without ID card. Measures should be taken to regulate all accesses to the campus and make sure all the classrooms are locked. All these things should be taken care of by the management of the school.

  • Also safety measures other than security should be taken care of by the school. They should ensure that there are proper fire alarms and a fire evacuation plan should be ready in case of emergency. Regular drills must be conducted in the school and proper instructions should be given to the students, teachers and the staff. Also when there is construction going on, they should ensure that proper bamboos are tied and no rocks or pieces of cement should fall. Students should not get hurt during construction work.

  • Strong visitor Management: Regulating access to a school requires sound visitor management procedures. At a minimum, visitors should not be allowed to enter the school premises without registering at the main gate. This should require proof of identification and issuance of visitor’s badge. These procedures will make sure that no unauthorized person enters the school.

  • Situational Awareness: Not all elements of security rely on hardware. Situational awareness is the ability to identify, process and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening around you. It can also be called as Street Smartness. The guards should be able to identify the threat and at least prevent or mitigate the threat. The sooner you are aware of the danger, the more time and options you have to respond. Try and use the new and advanced technology for the security of your school. Use services like intercom, video calling, install CCTV cameras across the whole campus. Instruct your guards about the whole security system and make sure they follow them.

So to ensure your child goes to a safe and secure school, check about the security of the school in detail. Go and check personally in the school about their security. More than the academic and extra-curricular skills, it is essential for a school to have an efficient security. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that the students are safe and are studying in a safe environment.


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